Herbiar Organic Castor Oil


One Remedy for all hair problems

Almost all the hair issues can be solved by using this magical oil especially due to anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties in it. Castor Oil is also rich in proteins,minerals, and vitamin E, and it works as a magic portion on your hair.

Benefits of Herbiar Castor Oil

Hair Growth

Rejuvenating properties of Castor Oil which help stimulate the growth of hair. Warm a little castor oil mixed with coconut oil or almond oil and apply it on your hair in sections in circular

Dandruff Treatment

All you have to do is to make a hair mask with mixing 1 tablespoon of castor oil with 1 table spoon ofolive oil and add juice of half a lemon

Hair Thickening

Herbiar Castor Oil helps new growth in the roots and thickens the existing stands of hair resulting in giving you a beautiful and shiny head of thicker and healthier hair.

Hair Darkening

Herbiar Castor Oil can help your hair a richer and darker look. The humectant effect and nutrients of castor oil can assist your hair to preserve moisture helping to enhaance its dark color.

Hair Shine

To make your hair shiner,use castor oil as a hot oil massage ingredient or conditioner once weekly.Make sure you do not use it too frequently resulting into an oily scalp.

Hair Loss

Herbiar Castor Oil is used to regain strength to damaged hair, which also contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties that helps in prevention of various problems as folliculitis,ringworm,and even piedra.

Split Ends

Herbiar Castor Oil is also known to control split ends when applier as aconditioning treatment. This is due to the primary nutrients found in castor oil,including omega-6 fatty acids & vitamin E motions. Use it twotothree times a week.


Herbiar Castor Oil is a common ingredient in many hair products due to its catalytic abilities to preserve hair moisture.