Arkansas, April 6, 2019 Herbiar presents its natural makeup product, Matte Liquid Lipstick, which gives the lips vibrant color and keeps them hydrated and moisturized

The brand brings its best lipstick, Click Stick Lip Pen, which is 100% pure and cruelty-free.
The lipstick comes in a wide range of beautiful shades that create fun makeup looks. The rich, vibrant colors of the lipstick have an amazing long-lasting and smudge-free ability.

The natural nourishing ingredients draw moisture into the lips and prevent moisture from leaving so the lips stay hydrated and moisturized.

The lip pen has essential natural essential oils which keep lips soft and supple.

The lip pen has natural essential oils which keep lips soft and supple with essential nutrients.
No additives or synthetic chemicals are added in the manufacturing process of the lip pen. It 100% pure. So everyone, even people with extremely sensitive skin type, can have this in their lipstick collection.

The specially designed applicator makes it easy to apply the lipstick uniformly and evenly.

The design of the Lip Pen is compact and travel-friendly which makes it easy to carry around. The lip pen is light-weight.

“The Click Stick Lip Pen is made to fulfill two very important. It gives the characteristic rich lipstick color and keeps lips nourished and supplied with nutrients. It is made sure that no synthetic additives are added in the formulation process of the lip pen to guarantee 100% safety and purity. The specially designed applicator makes the application process of the lipstick simple and fun while giving you an even lipstick layer.” says, CEO Herbiar.

Click Stick Lip Pen retails for a price of $15.99 and can be purchased at

About Herbiar Natural Organic Makeup Products

Herbiar is an organic and natural skincare brand which guarantees each customer a wide variety of skincare products to choose from – Organic castor oil, mascara, lipstick, eye cream, face serum, moisturizer, facial cleanser and face scrub. The natural and organic product line of Herbiar accommodates the needs to every skin and hair type which makes it the brand of choice for everyone. All the ingredients used contain no artificial additives and are obtained from natural sources.

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