Most women focus on finding the best lipstick for their lips that can make their lips look beautiful and attractive all day long. But, they make the one biggest mistake before buying the lipstick is without knowing their underskin tones. There are different color variations of lipstick pens present in the market, so finding the best one according to your skin can be overwhelming. It would be best if you determined your skin undertone before choosing the best lipstick.

How to know your skin undertone:

The undertone colors are the natural colors of skin that are underneath your skin surface. Understanding the undertones help you to choose the best lipstick, foundation, and best color palettes for your hue. There are different types of skin undertones that you can know where your skin lies.

Warm skin undertone:

If your skin's base tone lies between peach to yellow and golden, you have a warm skin undertone.

Cool skin undertone:

If you see your skin undertone matches with blue, pink, or red hues, you have a cool skin undertone.

Neutral skin undertone:

If there is a mixture of warm and cool skin undertone, then you have the same color as your actual skin.

How to choose natural lipstick according to your skin undertone:

Choosing the best lipstick color based on your undertone is quite challenging because you have to try different lipstick for the perfect match. You can take the skin undertone as a guide for the best match.

For skin with warm undertone:

If you have warm skin undertones like yellow or olive, then go with the orangy red or brick red colors to enhance your skin.

For skin with a cool undertone:

For a cool complexion, the bright color of the best natural lipstick works best. Blue and purple shades of lipstick color would be the top fit. When you have a cool undertone, do not go with orangey shades of red and move toward the bluish hues.

For skin with neutral undertones:

For the people who have neutral skin undertones wide, you can choose a wide range of lipstick. If you do not know what to wear, then use pinky tones of lipstick for fair skin complexion, mauve for medium, and berry shades of lipstick for darker skin.

The Importance Of A Lipstick Pen

  • Lipstick pen gives your lips the best and precise and definite shape to your lips and helps you the most perfect, clean, and defined look for your lips.
  • The great thing about the best liquid lipstick is that it stays on your lips for a longer time and prevent the color of lip makeup from bleeding or lightening.
  • A lip pen is highly pigmented and easy to apply due to its pen-like applicator shape and gives the most defined shape. The lip pen is popular in those people who do not like to wear lipsticks.
  • When applied, the natural lipstick pen is best for saving time when you do lip makeup.