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Oil Free Mascara

An oil free mascara to give your eyelash extensions and fake eyelashes a rich mascara coat without damaging them.

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Oil Free Mascara

An oil free mascara to give your eyelash extensions and fake eyelashes a rich mascara coat without damaging them.

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What is an Oil Free Mascara?

Mascara is formulated using waxes and oils that serve as the base for the best mascara. They give mascara the required consistency, but the adverse effect of oils and waxes is that they cannot be used on false eyelashes or eyelash extensions.

So, to overcome that issue, oil-free mascara is formulated. It has a water-based formula and does not contain any amount of oils or waxes in them.

That makes them suitable for application on fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions without the fear of damaging them.

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What Damage does Oils and Waxes Cause of Fake Eyelashes and Eyelash Extensions?

Oils and waxes tend to react with the fragments of the eyelash extensions and fake eyelashes and make them weak. That decreases the durability of the eyelash extensions and results in their falling out or breaking.

The oils and waxes damage fake eyelashes in two ways. They weaken the glue that is used to attach them to the lash line which results in them falling out quickly. The other damage that oils and waxes cause eyelashes is that they weaken the polymer fragments and result in damaging the eyelashes.

The eyelashes lose their shape and curls and are no longer fit for use.

Why is Oil Free Mascara Used?

Fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions are used widely so they must be protected and only those products are applied to them that are suitable for them.

Why Oil Free Mascara is your Best Choice

If you want your eyelash extension to stay on for a long period or if you want your fake eyelashes to maintain their shape and strength for a long time, you need to look for organic mascara and keep your eyelashes away from any oils.

Oil-based mascara and other products weaken and break the bonds that keep the shape of the extensions or false eyelashes maintained.

It also affects the glue and melts it. That results in either making your eyelash extensions, and false eyelashes lose and results in them falling, or it re-dries and forms unattractive clumps of eyelashes.

Mascara having ingredients such as carbonates and glycols should also be avoided as they affect the glue too and make the eyelashes lose their desired shape.
To keep your eyelashes look beautiful, curled, and properly shaped you need to make sure that nothing adversely affects the adhesive that is used to attach them. Use water-based mascara to ensure the long life and safety of the eyelashes. It is the safest and most gentle way to treat such cases.

Oil Free Mascara to Avoid Allergic Reactions

Some people tend to have sensitive eyes and eyelashes that often get easily irritated. Oils and waxes used in the formulation of mascara can cause allergic reactions to the eyes of such people and make them watery, red, and irritated.

The aqueous ingredients of the oil-free mascara will not cause irritation to the eyes and keep the look safe and maintained for a long time.

Easy To Remove From Eyelashes

The biggest issue that people who use oil-based mascara face is the removal process of the mascara. Oil-based mascara forms a strong adhesive layer of polymer on the eyelashes which do not get washed off easily and need to be rubbed aggressively.

That results in the breakage of eyelashes and even the chance of getting the mascara into the eyes. That could trigger an allergic reaction and cause other complications.

Oil-free mascara is easy to wash off. They do not require any rubbing and come off completely as opposed to oil-based mascara that causes spreading and smudging.

All you have to do is apply water on them and wait for a few minutes. The mascara polymer easily dissolves in water, being water-soluble, and leaves the eyelashes gently. That keeps eyelashes and eyes safe from any damage.

More About Oil Free Mascara

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Natural mascara is formulated using only natural ingredients to give your eyelashes the nourishment and protection it needs.
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Oil-free mascara is often used to create a natural mascara look. It does not shine brightly as oil-based mascara would when applied.
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Oil-free mascara does not cause an allergic reaction to sensitive eyes when applied. That is why it is the best choice for people with sensitive eyes.
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The water-base and high nutrient quantity of the mascara helps to keep eyelashes nourished and moisturized. Natural mascara keeps eyelashes hydrated.

The Best Oil Free Mascara to Nourish Eyelashes

Herbiar Advanced Lash High Definition Mascara is the best oil-free, smudge-proof mascara that can help you have your desired makeup look while keeping your eyelashes safe and nourished. It can also help you create a natural makeup look for your daily routine.

It can also help you create a natural makeup look for your daily routine.

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