organic pure Castor Oil

Organic Castor Oil

100% USDA certified pure organic castor oil is a vegetable oil with increasing popularity, that is known for its amazing benefits.

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Organic Castor Oil

100% USDA certified pure organic castor oil is a vegetable oil with increasing popularity, that is known for its amazing benefits.

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What is Organic Castor Oil?

Organic castor oil is yellowish, translucent liquid with a slightly thick consistency. Owing to its wide range of benefits, it is major ingredients in many skin care and hair care products.

The Ricinoleic acid present in organic castor oil gives the oil increased absorption abilities which makes it easier for the oil to go into the deepest layers of the skin and hair and heal them.

It treats common skin issues such as acne and acne scars. The oil also improves the natural growth of hair and eyelashes. It makes them strong and reduces hair fall. Pure organic castor oil is composed of high quantities of Ricinoleic acid and essential fatty acids. The fatty acids in the oil include omega 6 and 9 which is known to provide skin and hair with nourishing benefits. Buy Organic Castor Oil for long lasting results.

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The regular application of organic castor oil can do wonders for eyelashes and make them strong.
Organic castor oil is the most effective natural remedy to improve the natural growth of hair.
Effectively treats tough skin issues such as acne scars, discoloration, acne, and blemishes.
Composed after extensive research and high-quality raw materials to produce top quality castor oil.
100% natural castor oil is enriched with essential nutrients such as various vitamins and antioxidants.
The best castor oil is rich in various nutrients amazing property of making your eyelashes glossy and shiny.
Pure Organic castor oil is composed of high quantities of Ricinoleic acid and essential fatty acids.
Herbiar is a trustworthy online skincare brand which sells only USDA certified organic castor oil.

Organic castor oil benefits for your face

Organic castor oil for face gives immense benefits when applied to the face. Some of its few benefits include:

  1. Treats Acne: The anti-inflammatory activities of the oil kill acne-causing bacteria and reduces the incidences of acne breakouts.
  2. The better texture of skin: the regular application of the oil moisturizes skin and makes it soft and smooth.
  3. Even complexion: The oil leads to the growth of healthy and fresh skin tissues which improve complexion and even out uneven skin tones.

Organic castor oil advantages for your skin

The regular application of pure organic castor oil gives you the following advantages:

  1. Its Anti-microbial Effects: The oil helps to kill all the bacteria that is stuck in the skin pores. It helps to purify skin from all a pimple andacne-causing bacteria and gives a clear, clean skin.
  2. Moisturizes skin: Organic castor oil holds high quantities of triglycerides. The triglycerides maintain the moisture levels of the skin and keep it soft and smooth.
  3. Maintains Hydration Status of Skin: The humectant properties of the oil work to lock moisture in the skin pores. This way the skin attracts moisture towards itself and stays hydrated.
  4. Deep Cleansing of Skin: Essential fatty acids found in the oil helps to unclog clogged pores and remove all stuck impurities and dirt. That way the skin stays clean and deeply nourished.

Improving hair health using the natural hexane free organic castor oil

The regular application of organic hexane free castor oil shows potent results on scalp and hair health. The hair benefits of organic castor oil application include:

Enhanced Hair Growth:
Massaging the oil in the hair helps to improve the blood circulation of the scalp. That leads to improved natural hair growth. The hair cycle is provided with sufficient essential nutrients which results in better hair growth.

Cures various scalp infections:
Accumulation of toxins in the scalp leads to the development of various scalp infections that cause many hair issues such as hair fall, dandruff, and irritated scalp. The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of the oil work to eliminate all the infection causing bacteria and keeps the scalp safe.

No premature graying of hair:
Organic castor oil has the ability to retain the color pigment of the hair which prevents hair from getting white or losing its color.

Deep conditions hair:
The oil locks in moisture in the hair and deeply conditions the hair. That is an effective natural remedy for dry and brittle hair.

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Organic castor oil gets absorbed into the deepest skin layer and supplies essential nutrients to it. That way the skin condition becomes better from the innermost layer.


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Application of organic castor oil creates a protective barrier on the skin and hair which saves them both from any further damage.


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A highly pocket - friendly skin care product, organic castor oil is now an integral part of every good skin care routine.


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Regular application of the oil creates a shield on the skin which protect the skin from any future skin damage.

Why is organic castor oil preferred as a natural remedy?

Owing to the natural nature of the oil, pure organic castor oil is being used widely for hair and skin issues. Its potent properties and effective components make it a choice ingredient in many skin care and hair care products.

It is made sure that no harmful chemicals are added during the processing of the oil so that no adverse effects are produced during the application of the oil. Cold pressed castor oil is safe for application by all skin and hair types and shows effective positive results in a short time.