Organic Castor Oil For Eyelashes & Eyebrows


What is Organic Castor Oil
Organic Castor Oil is a transparent to semi-transparent liquid. Imparts its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Improved hair conditions upon regular use of the oil.
5 Reasons why your Skin needs to be treated with Organic Castor Oil
  1. Makes your skin free from microbes: saves the skin from any more breakouts and inflammations.
  2. Reduces skin inflammations by its anti-inflammatory effects:soothes down these hypersensitive and calms skin down.
  3. Makes sure that the skin is properly hydrated:draws and holds moisture in the skin and keeps it hydrated.
  4. Skin remains moisturized for long: trigylcerides make Organic Castor Oil an amazing moisturizer.
  5. For deep skin cleansingL Enters pores of the skin, expels all the stuck dirt and oil and keeps skin safe fro all future damage.
5 Reasons why your face needs to be treated with Organic Castor Oil
  1. Your quick and easy approach to treat acne permanenetly: Ideal cure for the cause of the acne and lightening acne scars.
  2. The Skin texture becomes better: Skin becomes soft and smooth and evenly toned upon regular use.
  3. Improves natural complextion of your skin: The growth of the skin tissues is improved, the appearence of the skin becomes better.
  4. Highly compatible with senstive skin: Mild nature of the oils makes it highly compatible for the sensitive skin.
  5. It is natural and inexpensive way to treat problems: be an effective and inexpensive way to treat your skin and hair.