Arkansas, March 12, 2019 Herbiar proudly announces the launch of its star product, Organic Castor Oil. Formulated using natural ingredients of the highest quality. All the ingredients are carefully selected after extensive research, and supply essential nutrients which improve the health and physical condition of skin, hair, and eyelashes.

Herbiar is an organic and natural skincare brand which is known for producing natural, plant-based skincare products. Herbiar announces the launch of its star product, Organic Castor Oil, USDA certified and Made in the USA. The oil is the purest organic castor oil which is extracted using specialized techniques to preserve all the benefits. The oil treats multiple skin and hair issues and gives them improved health and appearance.

The Organic Castor Oil is approved by the USDA and has a guaranteed seal of purity and quality. The oil is extracted from natural sources and is free of any harmful chemicals. The high content of fatty acids present in the oil improves its ability to heal and quickly repairs all damage done to the skin, hair, and eyelashes. The oil supplies the skin, hair, and eyelashes with high quantities of essential nutrients that replenish the ones that are lost. As the oil is 100% natural, it is compatible with all skin and hair types and causes no allergic reactions. It is 100% cruelty-free.

"Herbiar Organic Castor Oil is extracted using specialized techniques that are designed after extensive research, to make sure that only high quality and pure product reaches the customer. The oil contains no harmful additives. Regular application of 100% pure castor oil will result in visible improvement in the health of skin, hair, and eyelashes. Organic Castor Oil is your ultimate skincare and haircare solution.” says, CEO Herbiar.

Organic Castor Oil retails for a price of $14.99 and can be purchased at

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About Herbiar Natural Organic Skincare

Herbiar is an organic and natural skincare brand which guarantees each customer a wide variety of skincare products to choose from – Organic castor oil, mascara, lipstick, eye cream, face serum, moisturizer, facial cleanser and face scrub. The natural and organic product line of Herbiar accommodates the needs to every skin and hair type which makes it the brand of choice for everyone. All the ingredients used are contain no artificial additives and are obtained from natural sources.

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