Product Applications

HerbiAR C Activating Anti-Aging Serum

This highly advanced serum works in a unique way, its active ingredient “Vitamin C” becomes active to perform its action only when it comes in contact with the skin. Works on loose, unevenly toned as a potent anti-aging serum that works to reduce the signs of aging by making loose skin firm, toned, evenly textured, fresh, healthy and radiant.

Regular use of the product helps to diminish all signs of aging either visible or not visible. Helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles in a short duration of time. Helps make skin more radiant and restores lost freshness and health. Lightens dark spots, dark circles and reduces skin outbreaks. Strengthens loose skin and makes it evenly toned. Softens and makes the texture of the skin smooth.

HerbiAR Eye Revive Crème

It is a complex of anti-aging Phyto-extracts combined with multi-vitamins. That is applied to puffy, loose and dry skin. The product helps boosts collagen production that restores firmness and vitality to the delicate eye area and aids in the revival of radiance with the help of hydrating bio-extracts. Works to diminish dark circles and diffuses puffiness
The product works on the eye and under area that is very sensitive and delicate and tends to get damaged and affected very quickly. Regular use of the product reduces puffiness around the eye area. It lightens dark circles from the under eye area. Using the product regularly helps to tighten loose skin and brings back the freshness. Restores hydration state of the eye area, making it look fresh and beautiful.

HerbiAR Sensitive Cleansing Gel

It is a light weight foaming cleanser formulation that helps to remove all makeup and surface impurities gently and properly. Formulated with Botanical ingredients that work as healer and antibacterial help to maintain the skin’s normal moisture balance as well as helping to normalize and adjust the pH balance of the skin especially for sensitive, reactive and delicate skin. HERBI-AR Sensitive Skin Cleansing Gel shows visible results in the first wash by deeply cleansing skin and making it shine by removing excess oils. Regular use of the sensitive skin cleansing gel makes skin clear, hydrated and diminishes pores.

HerbiAR Micro Crystal Facial Scrub

HerbiAR micro crystal facial scrub is a highly advanced revolutionary multi-crystal exfoliating complex that has been formed to effectively remove dead, dry and flaking skin. It enhances cell rejuvenation that aid in healing cells that help to reveal a fresh, youthful and radiant skin. Active ingredients of this product minimize pores, purify the skin of toxic agents and hydrate skin gently, leaving behind a smooth, fresh and younger looking skin.
Regular use of the product results in reduced and diminished pores. The product helps to smoothen out the texture of the skin, making it soft again by hydrating it. HERBI-AR Radiant Renewal detoxifies skin, removing all harmful agents, to give a beautiful and younger looking skin.

HerbiAR Recovery Hydro Crème 24

herbiAR Recovery hydro Crème 24 helps to heal and replenish skins natural moisture level. It gives a smooth comfortable feeling to the skin. Helps to nourish skin gently and shields skin from harmful rays by the action of protective antioxidants. Aids to ease hypersensitivity all day long and keep skin away from damage. SPF 6 allows you to stay out in the sun longer without damage.

Regular use of the product would help restore all moisture and makes the skin soft. Its use would result in re-hydration of dehydrated skin. Nourishes skin back to its soft state. Helps to heal hypersensitivities and prevents any further allergies that would cause damage to the skin. Makes possible that you can spend longer hours in the sun without skin damage.

HerbiAR C2-Recovery Serum

A multi-active complex serum that helps to rejuvenate the skin. It is formed with a complex blend of anti-aging ingredients that when combined with technique help to deliver deep hydration, increase the production of collagen, enhance elasticity and firmness of skin. The active and the potent ingredient vitamin C helps to provide maximum protection against harsh environmental conditions and allows skin to regenerate naturally and also boosts cellular renewal for quick healing. After the use of the product, the skin feels highly nourished, hydrated, smooth and soft and gives off an extraordinarily healthy look.