The castor oil comes from the castor beans (which are castor seeds) named Ricinus communis. Organic Castor oil is found in India, Eastern Africa, and South America. The castor oil is yellow, thick translucent oil with a very distinct smell, which is extracted with the help of a cold-pressed technique.
Castor oil is mainly composed of natural fatty acids, nutrients, vitamins, and ricinoleic acid used as medicine in ancient times, such as treating eye irritation and relieving constipation. In the modern era, castor oil is used in many skincare products to treat hairs, remove acne scars, improve skin texture, and for eyelashes growth.

Extraction Of Organic Castor Oil:

There are many methods for the extraction of castor oil. Many manufacturers apply heat to castor oil for extraction, and others use hexane solvent for the maximum production of castor oil. In the expeller pressed technique, the hexane solvent is used to increase the oil extraction rate. The extracted oil from these process is quick but destroy the chemical structure of castor oil.
In the cold-pressed technique, the pressure is applied on castor seeds with mechanical force; the oil is extracted without using any heat or chemical. The extracted oil from the cold-pressed castor oil is enriched with all nutrients, vitamins, fatty acids.

Benefits of castor oil for your face:

Castor oil for face has immense benefits when Applying to the face. Castor oil is composed of essential components that are most beneficial for treating facial skin issues.

    • Treating acne scars on the face

Castor oil contains potent ingredients with remarkable anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that lock moisture to your skin and fight acne-cause bacteria and make it smooth.

    • Improve skin texture

Applying daily castor oil penetrates deep into the skin, moisturizes your skin, and helps your skin bring back its freshness and glow.

    • Improve skin complexion

Castor oil contains natural fatty acid, which aids the skin tissue by providing them with essential nutrients and improves skin complexion and skin tones.

Advantages Of Using Organic Castor Oil For Skin:

Applying castor oil regularly to your skin will give many benefits.

  • The antibacterial property of castor oil helps your skin fight against harmful bacteria and make your skin smooth, soft, and healthy.
  • Castor oil contains natural triglycerides, which help moisturize your skin.
  • The castor oil locks moisture to your skin and keeps it hydrated.
  • Apply castor oil on the skin, removes dirt and impurities from skin pores, keep your skin nourish and clean.

Castor oil For Eyelashes growth

Castor oil enriches with natural minerals and vitamins, which is useful for eyelashes growth. The castor oil moisturizes your eyelashes and heals the damaged eyelashes. It provides essential nutrients for eyelashes and support in eyelashes growth and prevents.

Natural Remedy For Hair Growth

The castor oil for hairs is filled with natural fatty acids, nutrients, and ricinoleic acid, which is an effective remedy for hair growth and prevents hair loss. Massaging castor oil on hairs helps you repair your dry and damaged hair by providing essential nutrients to your scalp.

Organic Castor Oil