When it comes to eye makeup, the smokey eye look for eye makeup always comes to your mind. This article will tell you what smokey eyes are and how to do smokey eye makeup.

What Is Smokey Eye Look?

By name, it does not mean that smoke is related to this type of eye makeup. This style comes from Egyptian culture; they use crushed minerals to beautify their eyes and avoid eye infections and evil spirits. The smokey eyes makeup consists of dark eyeshadows and eyeliner blended with some light tone of eyeshadow to give the smokey effect.

Smokey eye makeup usually does with black and grey, but now the smokey eye technique evolved and can be used with different color tones such as warm colors and cool colors.

What things you should keep in your mind:

  • Smokey eyes makeup ensures that you are drawing more attention to your eyes than makeup. By applying smokey eye makeup, you can make your eyes look more prolonged than usual.
  • When getting started with smokey eye makeup, the vital key is that the darkest shade should be at the lash line. It gives you a more defined and dramatic look to your eyes.
  • The second important thing is that keep it simple. Two or three shadows are enough for the smokey eyes.
  • Now the last most crucial point, blend the colors. The smokey eyes are not only the dark colors and shades you use. It is about how you blend the colors. That's why the brushes are the most important thing for the perfect eye makeup look.
Smokey Eye Look

What things you need for the perfect smokey eyes:

The following things you need for gorgeous eyes.

  • Eyeshadow concealer or primer.
  • Dark color pencil / Eyeliner such as black or brown.
  • An Eye palette that contains the light, middle, and dark color shades.
  • Double-ended Eye Shadow Brush (E02).
  • Eye Highlighter pencil.

Step for creating iconic smokey eye makeup:

You may be confused that it may be challenging to do the smokey eye makeup once you know the dramatic smokey eye look tips and tricks. So now we are going to tell you the following step for creating the smokey eyes.

Step 1

Use eye concealer or primer on your eyelid to make sure that the makeup should last throughout the day.

Step 2

Apply the middle shade to your eyelid with the help of a brush. The medium shade is the foundation for your eye look. So before applying other shades, make sure to pick a medium shade (The traditional smokey eyes contains a grey color shade in the middle) that should complement your darker shade.

Step 3

For lining your eyes, use a dark-colored pencil /eyeliner. When applying it to the eyelid, make sure that it gets right between the eyelashes for coverage without any gap. Don't worry about the perfect liner. It will blend with the other eyeshadows.

Step 4

For the best smokey eye look, use a darker eyeshadow shade over a liner and outer corner of your eyes for a classic look(The traditional smokey eyes contains a black or dark grey color shade at the corner of your eyes). Use Herbiar waterproof mascara to add volume to your eyelashes and give you a stunning smokey eye look.

Step 5

In the end, choose the right colors for shimmers for an attractive eye look and apply the highlighter at the inner corner of your eyes.