Whenever you go outside the mascara is the basic need for eyes to look bright and attractive. Putting on eyelash growth mascara may seem easy, but perfecting this technique may take time. Here we are going to tell you how you can apply mascara for stunning looks.

Choosing a suitable mascara for your eyelashes:

Best natural mascara is not only used to darken your eyelashes, but it can also increase length and thicken your lashes for your beautiful and full looking eyes. There are different type of mascara which are used for adding length, volume, and thickness.


Lengthening mascara

The lengthening mascara helps your eyelashes by adding length to the eyelashes and makes them long and beautiful. The lengthening mascara is best for those who got short eyelashes. Applying lengthening mascara adds length to your eyelashes and keeps them lifted and curled for a more extended period.

Volumizing mascara

Volumizing mascara defines your eyelashes by adding volume and make them appear thick. It contains high-quality color pigments, oil, waxes, and polymer ingredients that help you achieve your eyelashes look similar to fake lashes. The volumizing mascara is the best alternative fake lashes extension

Tubing mascara

Best tubing mascara is the newest innovation in the cosmetics universe. Tubing mascara is most suitable for those people who have oily eyelids. The best thing about tubing mascara is that it has long staying power on lashes and does not smudge and smear.

11 Biggest Mistakes You Make Putting on Mascara

How to apply mascara:

    • Apply eye makeup before

If you are planning to wear eyemakeup, do it before applying the mascara to your eyelashes.

    • Curl your eyelashes

Use manual curls to curl to eyelashes by placing the curler to the base of your eyelashes and gently squeeze them. It will give you long and extra dramatic looks.

    • Don’t pump the wand in the mascara bottle

Put the mascara on the wand by twisting it rather than pumping in and out. It will allow air to get in the tube and dries the mascara. Wipe out the excess mascara on your wand because there is the chance of smudging.

    • Put the wand at the base of your lashes

To coat your eyelashes, start with the root and move towards the tip of your eyelashes. Apply a second coat for thick and long eyelashes. Don’t neglect any part of your eyelashes.

    • Wiggle your mascara wand

Move the mascara wand back and forth to avoid clumping and unevenness.

    • Remove excess mascara

In the end, remove any mascara smudges around your eyelashes with the help of a makeup sponge.

Here are some tips before applying the mascara:

        • If you want to highlight every part of your eyelashes, give some attention to inner lashes as well. Applying mascara to the middle and outer corners of your eyelashes may give you a narrow look.
        • Before using the mascara, Make the mascara brush flexible by bending it.
        • Apply multiple coats will help your eyelashes to achieve a better and well-defined look.

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