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Tubing Mascara

100% natural tubing mascara to help you achieve the perfect makeup look without any trouble. It does not smudge and stays clean.

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Tubing Mascara

100% natural tubing mascara to help you achieve the perfect makeup look without any trouble. It does not smudge and stays clean.

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What is a Tubing Mascara?

Tubing mascara is the newest innovation in the makeup industry. Tubing mascara is a highly advanced formula type of mascara.

It is a polymer-based formula which coats the entire eyelash like one continuous film rather than just putting colored pigment on the eyelashes. The formula is composed of micro-fibers which coat the eyelashes when applied.

Tubing mascara does not have oils or waxes incorporated into them like the regular pigmented mascaras. The tubing mascara has a polymer network which firmly wraps the eyelash when applied on it.

It does not appear as a colored paste applied on the eyelash like a clump but has a clean and neat appearance.

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Difference Between Tubing Mascara and Regular Mascara

Tubing mascara is very easy and smooth in application. They stay on for a long time similar to a waterproof mascara except for the clumpy appearance.

Waterproof mascara creates a lot of mess when they are being washed off and are difficult to wash off. Tubing mascara is easy to wash off. They come off like a film and can be separated from the eyelashes easily.

Regular mascara often dries eyelashes and make them brittle. Regular mascara dehydrates eyelashes by stopping moisture from getting into the eyelashes, and this makes the texture of eyelashes rough n=and they can break easily. Tubing mascara keeps eyelashes hydrated and safe.

Regular mascara starts to bleed and spreads all around the eyes when tears or sweat touch it. Tubing mascara is resistant to all that, but a damp cloth or a makeup wipe can easily take it off.

Why is Tubing Mascara Preferred for People with Sensitive Skin?

Regular mascara leaves a residue that can easily react with the delicate under eye skin, but tubing mascara is not flaky and does not leave any residue when washing off or during the day.

That is why it is considered safe for people who wear contact lens. There is no possibility of mascara particles going into the eye and causing any undesirable problem.

The Advantages of Using Tubing Mascara

Tubing mascara holds many benefits which are resulting in the increasing popularity of using tubing mascara in makeup routines.

  • The film coating of tubing mascara makes eyelashes appear longer as compared to regular pigmented mascaras
  • Tubing mascara is easy to wash off. It will not bleed on the entire face and make black marks instead it melts off and can be easily rubbed off
  • Tubing mascara is longer lasting throughout the day
  • They are smudge proof and do not cause any mess even if eyelashes are touched
  • Do not require excessive reapplications as once proper application is enough
  • Safe and recommended for people with sensitive skin

Tubing Mascara

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The mascara is a water based non clumping mascara that forms an even layer of product on your eyelashes and does not stick eyelashes together when applied. The natural ingredients of the mascara also nourish eyelashes.

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A highly cost effective mascara that can give you a no clump mascara look. It creates the perfect natural makeup look for every day. The mascara gives you long thick eyelashes and ensures no sticking together and gaps.

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The big fatty mascara gives your eyelashes volume and length without making eyelashes clumpy. The mascara formulates a natural look of thick and long eyelashes without smudging or spreading.

How to Wash off Tubing Mascara?

Washing off tubing mascara is an easy task. All you have to do it:

  • Take a damp warm washcloth or wet makeup wipe
  • Place it over the eyelashes and let it stay for sometime
  • The water will make the mascara swell and leave the eyelashes in one piece
  • Wash face with lukewarm water and the mascara will drain off

Dry face and eyelashes gently in a patting motion.

More About Tubing Mascara

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The formula of tubing mascara is highly advanced. It wraps the eyelashes in the polymer and creates a tube around the eyelashes. The polymers stays intact and do not break.
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The polymers stay connected and do not spread like color pigments do. Even if they come in contact with sweat or tears, the mascara stays on fresh. Does not color pigment like regular mascaras.
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Tubing mascara has a water resistant effect similar to a water proof mascara but it does not dehydrate the eyelashes and make them brittle. The eyelashes feel soft after application of tubing mascara.
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The natural ingredients of tubing mascara keep eyelashes nourished. They supply nutrients to the eyelashes making them soft and smooth.

Why Choose Tubing Mascara Over Regular Mascara

Tubing mascara has many advantages over regular mascaras. Regular mascaras hold a large number of chemicals in them which tend to dry eyelashes out and make brittle.

Brittle eyelashes break and fall out easily. Tubing mascara keeps eyelashes nourished and hydrated even after being waterproof.

Tubing mascara is also smudge proof and do not leave pigments after washing which are problems of using regular mascara.

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