When we talk about thicker eyebrows, not everyone is blessed with naturally thick and longer eyelashes. There are so many influencers out there that suggest different products for making your thicker eyebrows.
But most of the products are manufactured with toxic chemicals that may damage your eyelashes. Here we will tell you how you make your eyebrows thick and increase their volume.
Organic Castor oil is a pale yellow, translucent vegetable oil that contains fatty acids, essential nutrients, and Ricinoleic acid best for promoting eyebrow growth. Castor oil is also known for treating acne scars, inflammation, and best for growing eyelashes.

Does castor oil really work on eyebrows?

Castor oil is one of those natural remedies with multitasking abilities that help your skin make it smooth and make your eyelashes and eyebrow dark and thick. The castor oil contains potent elements such as fatty acids and ricinoleic acid with antibacterial properties that are very useful for reducing scalp infections, revive damaged hairs, and improve hair growth.
Castor oil stimulates blood flow by transferring the essential nutrients to your skin, helping you regrow. The improved blood flow rate expelled waste material from your skin efficiently, and the scalp gets all the nutrients.
Applying castor oil on eyebrows boosts eyebrows growth rate, keeps them moisturized, and makes them healthy and thick.

How to use castor oil on your eyebrows:

Before using castor oil, make sure that your castor oil pure and extracted by the natural processes. Because most manufacturers use a heating method or chemical process technique, it loses all its vital nutrients during the extraction.
We recommend you Herbiar cold-pressed castor oil extracted by cold-pressed technique and contains zero additives, and no heat is applied on organic castor oil. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammation properties, which make it more suitable for your eyebrows and eyelashes.

Here are the steps for using castor oil on your eyebrows.

First of all, you need to test castor oil on your skin, whether it is suitable for your skin or not. If there is no allergy reaction like swelling or redness on your skin, you can proceed to the following steps.

  • Pick a time of using castor oil on your eyebrows. We recommend you to use it at night time, which is positively affected because it stays on your eyebrows while you sleep.
  • Wash and clean your face, remove all your makeup from eyebrows with a mild cleanser & pat it dry with a clean towel.
  • Use a cotton swab or mascara brush, mix it with castor oil and gently apply the castor oil onto your eyebrows
  • Gently massage your eyebrows following the hair growth direction. Make sure that the castor oil does not contact your eyes. If it does, then wash it quickly
  • Continue till all oil is absorbed. Keep overnight and cleanse with warm water and a mild cleanser.

Castor oil is a natural remedy and affordable and can be used for various conditions such as hair loss. Castor oil for wrinkles helps you remove fine lines and wrinkles, make it soft, smooth, and young-looking skin.

Use Castor Oil for Thicker Eyebrows