Lipstick is an iconic item and natural choice for almost every woman to highlight their lips. There are many matte liquid lipstick shades present in the market to wear according to their preferences. Many lipstick brands are committed to organic and natural ingredients, but most brands don't use the natural formula with eco-friendly packaging.

History Of Lipstick:

Cosmetics were popular way before ancient civilization—the traces of using colors on lips found in ancient Egyptians, Syrians, Babylonians, and Persian. Al-Zahrawi an Islamic chemist and cosmetologist who created the first molded form of lip color.

Centuries later, Queen Elizabeth I and their court ladies used to coat their lips with red color. In the 16th century, the trend was to use the red lip color on their cheeks and lips until the 19th century. The french cosmetologist began to mold the lipstick for commercial sale.

Why You Should Use Natural Lipstick:

Natural lipstick contains organic ingredients with no adverse effect caused by conventional lipsticks' harmful chemical components. Instead of using traditional lipstick, you should switch to natural lipstick because these are manufactured natural oils, plant-derived waxes, and earth minerals. Therefore, using natural helps nourish your lips and keep your lips hydrated, soft, and smooth.

What Is Natural Lipstick Made Of:

There are so many brands out there using toxic chemicals and pigments against natural standards. Herbiar best lipstick will guide you on what all-natural lipstick is composed of and prevent it from drying.

Organic Waxes:

Organic waxes are broadly used in natural cosmetics products. The natural waxes are hard and give shape to the lipstick. The benefits of using natural waxes in all-natural lipstick are hydrate, soothe, and softening the skin.

Natural oils:

Lips are the most prominent part of our body, so treat them with care and love. The natural oils are added to organic lipstick, which has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. The natural oils penetrate deep into your skin tissues and help nourish your lips, keeping them soft, hydrated, and smooth.

Natural dyes:

The natural dyes are extracted by the plants, fruits, flowers, and other botanical ingredients with antimicrobial properties, making them safe for users. The all-natural lipstick contains all quality of natural colors to give you the desired color for your lips.


Natural lipstick's antioxidants help your lips by preventing dryness, discoloration and repairs the chapped lips.

Other Factors You Should Consider Before Using Natural Lipstick:

Here is some other factor you should consider:

Cruelty-free lipstick:

Cruelty-free lipsticks are made without testing on animals to know the efficiency of ingredients. By doing this, it saves a lot of animals from suffering.

Fragrance-free lipstick:

Most conventional lipstick using artificial fragrances and flavors for their product. Utilizing the traditional products that add synthetic fragrances should be avoided because these are toxic to your skin.

Certified organic lipstick:

Before using natural products, you should confirm that your product is certified by the recognized organization. Try Herbiar natural makeup products, which deliver you 100% natural USDA certified organic products.