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hair tinsel for festivals and concerts


Music festivals and concerts are playgrounds for fashion pioneers, offering a space where attendees can experiment with looks they might not dare to try elsewhere. When the stages light up and the melodies begin to play, music festivals and concerts transform into realms of unbridled self-expression. Tinsel hair extensions are a trend that has been sneaking onto the festival scene and stealing the spotlight. As attendees swivel, sway, and dance, these shimmering strands catch the light, adding an enchanting allure to every movement. This article dives into the dazzling world of hair tinsel for the electrifying atmosphere of music festivals and concerts. From the pulsing beats of EDM to the soulful strings of acoustic sessions, let’s explore how to perfectly pair this twinkling trend with your next musical escapade.

Factors to consider when choosing hair tinsel for music festivals and concerts

As the melodies of festivals and concerts beckon, so does the allure of making a unique fashion statement amidst the sea of attendees. Hair tinsel offers a sparkling edge. However, with all these options, how do you select the perfect hair tinsel extension kit that resonates with the event’s vibes? Before diving into the shimmering world of tinsel choices, it’s critical to understand the specific factors that should guide your selection for these music-centered occasions. Keep reading for considerations that will help your hair shimmer in perfect harmony with the rhythm of the festival or concert.

1.    Event duration

The duration of a musical event or concert plays a significant role in selecting the right festival hair tinsel. For instance, some tours might only visit your city for a day, requiring tinsel that can maintain its glint and grip for a shorter span. On the other hand, multi-day festivals, like Coachella, present a different challenge. These festivals can span several days and demand a hair tinsel that complements your style and endures the test of time. If you're immersing yourself in a few days of non-stop music and festivity, invest in high-quality tinsel. This ensures the shimmering strands withstand several days of wear, dancing, and the elements, especially when frequent touch-ups might be impractical. Making an informed choice based on the event's length ensures that your sparkling statement remains intact from the first beat to the last encore.

2.    Performance energy

The intensity and energy of a musical performance can influence decisions about tying tinsel to your hair. Particularly in high-energy genres like rock or EDM, where headbanging and vigorous dancing are the norm, the dynamics of the concert come into play. For such spirited atmospheres, shorter tinsel strands are advisable. These reduce the risk of getting tangled in hair or other accessories and can also be attached more securely to ensure they don’t get pulled out amidst the enthusiastic moves of the crowd. When preparing for a lively event, always factor in the performance’s energy while adding shimmering hair tinsel to your locks.

3.    Festival setting and climate

The environment of a festival or concert significantly influences how you approach tying hair tinsel. An outdoor setting, with its sunlit stages and open skies, brings the challenge of prolonged UV exposure. In such scenarios, opting for UV-resistant hair tinsel becomes essential to prevent premature fading and maintain the desired sparkle. Alternatively, venues known for their gusty winds or dusty ambiance necessitate a firm attachment technique. Ensuring your hair tinsel is securely tied will prevent it from loosening or getting tangled.

4.    Outfit coordination

When gearing up for a festival or concert, the synergy between your attire and accessories plays a pivotal role in creating a memorable ensemble. Hair tinsel, given its spectrum of colors, emerges as the best festival hair accessory, offering attendees the flexibility to either mirror or contrast their outfits. For those aiming to make a striking impression, contrasting shades of tinsel can act as an audacious highlight. Alternatively, harmonious tones can blend seamlessly, providing a sophisticated and coordinated appearance. The versatility of hair tinsel ensures that every festival-goer can curate a look that resonates with their personal style narrative.

5.    Hair type and hairstyle

When contemplating how to rock hair tinsel for festivals and concerts, your natural hair type and intended hairstyle are decisive factors. If you are blessed with thick, voluminous hair, you may find that robust or thicker tinsel strands intertwine more effectively with your hair, ensuring longevity and vibrancy. Conversely, if you have fine hair, you may prefer the subtle elegance of lightweight and delicate hair tinsel. Furthermore, when choosing ambitious festival hairstyles, such as intricate braids and elaborate updos, it’s crucial to consider the hair tinsel’s length and its strategic placement, ensuring the shimmering strands enhance rather than hinder your chosen look.

6.    Nighttime shine

As the sun sets and the stage lights take over, festivals and concerts transition into a realm of luminescence and glow. For events that come alive at night, it’s vital to consider the reflective qualities of your festival-ready hair accessories. Hair tinsel offers a unique advantage in this context. Opting for strands with pronounced shimmer or glow-in-the-dark properties can amplify your presence under the moonlit sky. Such choices resonate with the electric ambiance and ensure you remain a shimmering spectacle amidst the nocturnal festivities.

7.    Application technique and removal ease

One of the most sought-after features for festival-goers is the simplicity of their look’s application and removal. When considering easy hairstyles you need this festival season, hair tinsel undoubtedly tops the list. Not only does it provide the added sparkle, but its temporary nature ensures you can revel in its shimmer for the duration of the event and remove it afterward. You can learn how to tie tinsel in your hair at home and add a touch of glam without needing professional assistance. Post-concert, its ease of removal ensures that transitioning back to your everyday look is hassle-free, making hair tinsel a perfect blend of style and convenience.

8.    Group themes

When attending festivals and concerts as part of a group, synchronization in style becomes an integral aspect of the experience. Hair tinsel, with its diverse palette of colors and shimmers, offers an excellent medium for group themes. Engaging in discussions about tinsel themes or specific color choices can ensure that everyone complements each other, amplifying the group’s presence. By considering these collective dos of festival fashion, attendees showcase individual flair and contribute to a unified, visually striking ensemble bound to turn heads and create lasting memories.

Festival-themed hair tinsel choices

Every music festival pulsates with its own unique rhythm and ambiance. Just as melodies tell stories, so does fashion. As attendees immerse themselves in these vibrant musical tapestries, their chosen accessories speak volumes. Festival-themed hair tinsel choices emerge as shimmering narratives, allowing festival-goers to reflect the spirit of the event in each glinting strand. Delve into this guide to discover how the right hair tinsel can seamlessly blend with the festival’s mood, creating a symphony of style and sound.

1.    Electronic Dance Music (EDM) concerts

The electrifying atmosphere of EDM events screams for tinsel in gold, silver, bronze, and metallic blue. These shades will catch the pulsating lights, adding to the rave’s visual experience.

2.    Pop events

Pop concerts, with their lively and energetic performances, are the perfect stage for neon colors. Think bright pink, electric blue, neon green, and fiery orange. These colors stand out and channel the pop genre’s spirited character.

3.    Rock concerts

Rock music often embodies a deeper, more rebellious spirit. Opt for tinsel hair extensions kits in shades like jet black, dark purple, metallic grey, and blood red. These colors can amplify the intense and passionate atmosphere of rock events.

4.    Indie and folk festivals

Embrace the soulful, grounded vibes of indie and folk music with tinsel in earthy shades like green, rustic brown, sunset orange, and deep maroon. These colors resonate with the organic and often outdoor settings of these festivals.

5.    Jazz and Blues festivals

For these soul-stirring genres, consider hair tinsel in vintage gold, smoky blue, champagne, and deep navy. These hair tinsel shades complement the rich and smooth undertones of jazz and blues.

6.    Country music festivals

Reflect the heartwarming tunes of country music with hair tinsel in colors like golden yellow, barn red, and denim blue.

7.    Reggae events

Immerse in the chill vibes of reggae with tropical hair tinsel shades like Rasta green, sun-kissed yellow, and Caribbean blue.

8.    Artist-specific themes

Certain artists can elevate the concert experience by curating specific themes or color palettes for their tours. For Beyonce’s Renaissance Tour in 2023, she requested attendees to come dressed in silver attires and accessories. This unique theme unified the audience and inspired a burst of creativity as attendees sought unique ways to stand out within the silver spectrum. Many fans opted for silver hair tinsel, weaving the shimmering strands through their locks and adding an ethereal touch to their ensemble. By integrating silver hair tinsel into their look, attendees could hone the artist’s vision and showcase their individual flair amidst a sea of sparkling silver.

Tips for tying hair tinsel for festivals and concerts

When attending concerts, every detail of your ensemble plays a part in crafting your festival-ready look. Hair tinsel, with its mesmerizing shimmer, offers an opportunity to stand out and shine amidst the melodic frenzy. But how do you ensure it’s tied just right, capturing the essence of the music and your personal flair? The following are tips to flawlessly incorporate hair tinsel into your festival repertoire.

1.    Tie your hair tinsel at home

In the world of festivals and music concerts, where ticket prices often soar, savvy attendees look for ways to shine without breaking the bank. Learning how to put in hair tinsel at home is a brilliant, cost-effective solution. Not only does it sidestep the cost of professional salon services, but it also gives you the luxury of personalization. Taking the DIY route ensures that the hair tinsel impeccably complements your overall ensemble and reflects your unique style. And the best part? With practice, you can seamlessly achieve a salon-worthy shimmering look, ready to dazzle amidst the festival lights, but without the hefty salon price tag.

2.    Select quality tinsel

As the anticipation builds for your next festival or concert, one crucial element to consider is the quality of your hair tinsel. Not all tinsels are created equal, and the age-old question, “How long does hair tinsel last?” is intimately tied to the hair tinsel’s quality. For those unforgettable music-filled nights, you’ll want hair tinsel that can withstand the fervor and energy, staying intact and shimmering brightly. In choosing your tinsel, consider both its endurance and its hue. The colors should either harmoniously match or audaciously contrast your planned outfit, setting the stage for a head-turning, memorable appearance amidst the rhythmic beats and melodic chords.

3.    How to tie hair tinsel properly for durability

The lively spirit of festivals and concerts demands style and durability from every accessory. The question on many festivalgoers' minds is: "How do you tie your hair tinsel without it falling out?" Ensuring a proper attachment technique is pivotal for maintaining the shimmer throughout the event. Here's a guide to tying in hair tinsel for festivals to ensure it remains a steadfast companion on the dance floor:

  • Preparation: Fold the hair tinsel strand in half to create a loop.
  • Sectioning:Use a comb to select the ideal section for the hair tinsel.
  • Placement:For maximum shine, especially under festival lights, position the tinsel near the face or on the upper layers of your hair.
  • Tying the tinsel:
    • Place the looped end of the hair tinsel beneath the selected hair strand.
    • Pull through the hair tinsel's ends, wrapping around the hair.
    • Slide the hair tinsel up close to the scalp and securely tie it, ensuring sturdy knots that resist the most enthusiastic of dances.
  • Trimming: To finish, trim the hair tinsel so that its length matches or slightly exceeds that of your natural hair.

By following these steps, you can confidently enjoy the festival, knowing the hair tinsel is stylish and secure.

4.    Use heat sparingly to style your hair

While investing in heat-resistant hair tinsel is a smart move, it doesn't give you free rein to go wild with your styling tools. Using heat sparingly becomes paramount in preserving the hair tinsel's allure. Always start with a heat protectant to shield your natural hair and offer extra heat protection to the hair tinsel. When reaching for the straightener or curling iron, it's advisable to use the lowest possible heat setting. This ensures that you maintain the integrity and vibrancy of the hair tinsel while still achieving your desired hairstyle.

5.    Be prepared for touchups

As the beats drop and the festival’s tempo escalates, a few hair tinsel strands might inevitably need a refresh. Being prepared for touch-ups is a savvy move for any festival enthusiast. By packing extra tinsel strands and a handful of small clips in your festival bag, you arm yourself with the tools to maintain that shimmering look. Whether a strand goes astray during an impromptu dance-off or you wish to add a little more sparkle as the night progresses, having these essentials on hand ensures your hair remains radiant, letting you focus solely on enjoying the music and atmosphere.


Music festivals and concerts are more than just auditory experiences. They are visual extravaganzas and platforms for self-expression and individuality. Hair tinsel extensions have emerged as a favored accessory for these events, offering novices and aficionados a chance to elevate their festival-style game. By understanding the nuances of application, coordination, and maintenance, festival-goers can effortlessly integrate these shimmering strands into their look, ensuring they resonate as vibrantly visually as they do sonically. As the curtains fall and the stages dim, the radiant glints of hair tinsel linger, echoing the unforgettable melodies and memories of the event.