Posted on by Catherine Omondi

In the glitz and glamour of festivals and events, a new fashion trend is making its mark – hair tinsel. Whether you're attending an electrifying music festival or a glamorous wedding, sparkling tinsel strands are the perfect accessory to elevate your celebratory ensemble. Hair tinsel is no longer just for holiday festivities. Shimmering tinsel strands add a dash of sparkle to the hair of event-goers and add an extra flair to memorable occasions. Whether you plan on attending an event or want to add a dose of sparkle to your party look, explore the myriads of events where hair tinsel can help your hair shine.

Examples of occasions where hair tinsel might be a perfect fit

Every event has its unique vibe, from the spirited energy of Coachella to the understated elegance of weddings and formal galas. As we look for the perfect outfit, accessory, and hairstyle to match each occasion, hair tinsel is the shimmering accessory ideal for all events. But when is the perfect moment to introduce this sparkling touch to your look? Here’s an outline of events and occasions where hair tinsel can be the crowning glory of your ensemble:

1.    Concerts and festivals

Music festivals and concerts often encourage revelers to attend in colorful and vibrant attire. Hair tinsel is a flashy choice for such occasions because it helps you stand out. It’s eye-catching and available in different colors to match any festival theme or outfit. Furthermore, it’s temporary, allowing you to tie it in and take it out once the concert or festival ends.

2.    Holiday parties

Hair tinsel can add a festive sparkle to holiday events like Christmas, Hannukah, and New Year's Eve parties. Since the holidays are synonymous with all things bright and shimmering, hair tinsel aligns with this festive spirit. You can choose hair tinsel strands in colors that match the event's theme. For example, green, red, and gold hair tinsel are classic Christmas party choices.

3.    Fashion shows

Designers showcasing their vision on the runway can opt for hair tinsel to help them tell a story. Under the spotlight, hair tinsel reflects light and adds a bit of drama to the model’s hairstyle. Designers can choose from a myriad of colors to match their theme.

4.    Birthday parties and children’s events

Kids love sparkly things. Hair tinsel can add a glittery touch to a child’s birthday or popular children’s events like carnivals and school fairs. Furthermore, they add a festive and fun element to the day and complement the party theme, whether it’s a rainbow or princess party. Unlike dyes and hair color sprays, hair tinsels are temporary, non-invasive, and easy to remove, making them ideal for children’s hair.

5.    Dance recitals and performances

Performers like gymnasts, dancers, and figure skaters can tie tinsel in their hair to add shimmer under the stage lights. These tinsel strands can elevate the performer’s stage presence and make their movements appear more compelling. Unlike other hair accessories, hair tinsel is lightweight, ensuring the performer remains unburdened and can move freely.

6.    Themed events and costume parties

You can add hair tinsel to your hair for themed events and parties where sparkle is appropriate, such as fairy tale parties and an 80s retro-themed event. Hair tinsel is ideal for such events because it lends a dash of fantasy to your look. You can channel a fairy or a space traveler by using hair tinsel to accentuate your character to fit the party's theme.

7.    Photography shoots

Professional photographers and individuals having fun at a personal photoshoot can use hair tinsel to add a unique touch to their pictures. The shimmering strands of hair tinsel can introduce elements of light play by catching and reflecting light, creating a captivating effect when photographed. In controlled indoor lighting, a professional photographer can use hair tinsel to create special highlights and reflections. For photographs covering movement, like a dance or a hair flip, hair tinsel can accentuate the motion and create trailing lines of light.

How to tinsel in hair specifically for events and occasions

When attending glamorous events, whether it's a sunlit garden party or an elegant evening gala, every detail matters. As the hair tinsel trend gains popularity, knowing how to tie it impeccably in your hair is essential. While the tinsel application for everyday wear is more forgiving, events and occasions demand more finesse and precision. The subtle shimmer of hair tinsel can either help elevate your look or detract from it if not done right. The following are the steps to take to meticulously tie in hair tinsel for those special moments:


  • High-quality hair tinsel kits
  • Small hair clips and hair ties
  • A fine-tooth comb
  • A mirror, preferably one with magnification


  1. Wash and dry your hair. Style it as you intend to wear it to the event. This helps you determine the best place to tie the hair tinsel.
  2. Decide where you want to place the hair tinsel. If you are attending a formal event, subtle placements, like underneath the top layer of your hair or close to the nape of you neck, are preferrable. For concerts and festive occasions, tie the hair tinsel close to your face or scattered evenly throughout your hair for a striking look.
  3. Use the fine-tooth comb to section your hair. Take two or three strands of hair where you’ll tie the hair tinsel. The fewer the hair strands, the better the hair tinsel will hold.
  4. Secure the rest of your hair using the small clips or hair ties.
  5. Fold the tinsel strand in half and create a loop at the folded end. Place the loop beneath the sectioned strand of hair.
  6. Thread the tail ends of the tinsel through the loop and tie the tinsel onto your hair with a slip knot. To ensure the hair tinsel lasts throughout the event, tie a simple shoelace knot using the tinsel around the same hair strand. Pull firmly but gently to ensure the knot is snug without breaking the tinsel.
  7. Trim the ends of the tinsel to match the length of your hair. For events, add multiple tinsel strands to the same section or throughout your hair for a cohesive look.
  8. After tying the tinsel, comb through the section to ensure the hair tinsel blends seamlessly.
  9. If using heat styling tools, be careful and use a lower heat setting than what’s written on the package. Too much heat can damage the hair tinsel. Use heat protectants to shield your hair and the tinsel strands from damage.
  10. Before heading out, do a final check on the mirror to ensure the hair tinsel is well-blended.

Tips on tying hair tinsel to hair for occasions and events

As simple as the application process for hair tinsel may seem, tying hair tinsel to your hair for events and occasions demands a more meticulous touch. The spotlight of events magnifies every detail and transforms hair tinsel from a mere hair accessory to a scene-stealing statement. The following is our curated list of tips to seamlessly tie hair tinsel, ensuring you are the brightest star at every event:

1.    Color coordination

Try to complement or match the dominant color in your outfit. If the clothes have neutral tones, tie hair tinsel that provides a pop of shimmer or color. If your dress already has a lot going on, such as sequins or crystals, opt for hair tinsel that is more subtle or subdued. Ensure the hair tinsel you choose also matches your hair color. Dark hair goes well with bright or metallic tinsel, while lighter hair goes well with darker tinsel shades. For red hair, golden or earth-toned hair tinsel can complement your hair color beautifully.

2.    Consider hair accessories

If you are wearing hair accessories, ensure the hair tinsel does not clash with them. You may have to consider hair tinsel placement if you are wearing ribbons, tiaras, or hairpins in your hair. You can even wrap the tinsel around the hairpin or intertwine it with hairbands for a coordinated look.

3.    Consider the nature of the event

Hair tinsel is a versatile style that can suit various occasions or events. However, how you incorporate it into your hair should be determined by the nature of the event. For formal occasions, such as weddings, galas, and corporate events, choose subtle tinsel shades that complement your outfit and place them beneath the top layer of your hair for a subdued look. You should also limit the number of tinsel strands for formal events, ensuring the shimmer is noticeable but not overwhelming. For casual gatherings, like birthdays and bachelorette parties, you can experiment with bright colors and different styles. For festivals and concerts, go bold with neon tinsel, holographic finishes, and a mix of vibrant colors.

4.    Blend with the hairstyle

Consider the hairstyle for the big day and place tinsel strategically where it complements the look. For example, if you are wearing your hair in waves or curls for the event, ensure the hair tinsel aligns with the flow of your hair. Loose waves allow you to be bolder with your hair tinsel color choices, while an intricate updo requires subtle hair tinsel.

5.    Test ahead of time

Before the event, tie a strand or two of hair tinsel to your hair and wear it for a day to see how well it holds up. This ensures it will last throughout the actual event. Testing before the event also lets you assess how the hair tinsel looks and feels, ensuring you are happy with your choice.

6.    Consider makeup and accessories

If you plan to wear bold makeup, keep the hair tinsel understated and within the same color family. Consider other accessories and jewelry you'll be wearing on the day. If the jewelry or accessories are attention-grabbing or glittery, choose hair tinsel that complements the look rather than competes with it.

7.    Duration of wear

If the event lasts a few days, consider the longevity or durability of the hair tinsel. Ensure it can withstand the activities you’ll be engaged in, such as swimming or dancing, for the duration you plan to wear it.


Hair tinsel can add subtle touches or memorable impressions to your event ensemble. Whether you want to make a style statement at a festive carnival or add a dose of magic to a formal gala look, hair tinsel provides a stylish edge. When added with care and paired rightly with clothes and makeup, hair tinsel can elevate your occasions from ordinary to extraordinary. So, the next time you attend an event, consider accessorizing with hair tinsel to lend a sparkling touch to your overall look.