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Organic Castor oil is extracted from the seeds of Ricinus communis plants by the cold compression method to make sure that the oil's chemical structure does not get damaged and imparts full benefits.

The oil is considered as a natural home remedy and is used to treat problems from skin and hair issues to internal intestinal and digestive problems.

The oil has been popular around for its uses from ancient times. The use of the oil for medicinal purposes started from its native lands, which spread far across Africa, the Mediterranean Basin, the Indian Subcontinent.

It is one of the first few essential vegetable oils that are being used for industrial purposes because of the high viscosity of the oil and its lubricating nature.

It is known famously as a laxative, and many people still consider castor oil as a crude product. But it is not just crude oil; it is a unique vegetable oil that serves so many different functions that it deserves to be a part of every household item.

Quick Summary

  • To stimulate the hair growth naturally.
  • Help improve your hair and its natural color.
  • A potent joint pain reliever.
  • A safe and natural Laxative.
  • Moisturizes skin naturally and deeply.

To stimulate the hair growth naturally.

Hair fall is a problem faced by many people worldwide, and everyone is looking for a natural remedy to treat this issue. Research has shown that organic castor oil for hair is a potent remedy to improve hair growth and reduce hair fall naturally. When applied to the scalp regularly, the oil does miracles, and a visible change is seen over time.

The oil works more effectively when it is applied after slightly warming it. The warmth of the oil improves the blood circulation of the scalp, leading to a cure of scalp issues and better hair growth.

All you have to do is take a small amount of the oil (sufficient to cover your whole scalp) and warm it slightly. Keep in mind to not overheat it, or else it would burn your scalp. To avoid such an incidence, set the cool aside after warming until it reaches the safe temperature.

Now, take the oil on your fingertips and start massaging it gently in light, circular motions. The massage helps in two ways. One, it makes sure that maximum oil gets absorbed into the scalp, and second, massaging your scalp helps improve your scalp's blood circulation.

Make it a habit to repeat this every night for quick and better results. You will be able to see your desired results in a short time period of two weeks.

You can also achieve fuller looking eyebrows by the application of this oil. All you have to do is apply the oil generously and regularly on your eyebrows.

Take a cotton earbud and dip it into the oil and start applying it over your eyebrows. Over time you will notice that your hair becomes thick and your eyebrows appear denser. Make sure to apply oil only on the desired areas, so you do not have to deal with excessive eyebrow hair.

The oil is also an excellent remedy for alopecia and can help grow back hair lost due to this. The oil's anti-inflammatory activity helps to cure the cause of alopecia, and the hair growth properties help to grow hair back.

Help improve your hair and its natural color.

One of the best advantages of Organic Castor Oil is its ability to improve the natural hair color and make hair look shiny, healthy, and thick. Regular oil application on the hair can repair all the damage and make your hair and scalp healthy and better looking.

The components of the oil impart moisture-locking properties, also known as humectant properties. The oil, when applied, attracts and locks moisture in the hair. As a result of this, the hair remains hydrated, looks shiny, and feels very soft.

The oil's ability to lock moisture reduces rough and dry hair and makes each strand of the hair thick and dark. It preserves the hair's natural beauty and gives back all the nutrients and moisture that the hair loss daily.

Best castor oil for hair also serves the role of an effective natural conditioner. That can be applied to your hair after the shower. All you have to do is wash your hair and then let it dry a little. When the excess water stops dripping, prep your oil for application.

Take a small amount of the oil on the spoon (do not take a lot to make your hair look oily and greasy). Warm the spoon a little so that the oil becomes a little less viscous. Now take the oil on your fingertips and run your fingers properly through the wet hair. Make sure you get each strand.

For longer hair, divide them into equal sections and work on them. Take the oil in the palm of your hands and rub your palms together. Now rub the divided sections in between your palms to fully coat the sections.

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A potent joint pain reliever.

The components of Organic Castor Oil hold potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic activities. The major component of the oil that is responsible for the two above mentioned activities is Ricinoleic Acid.

About 90% of the oil is composed of Ricinoleic acid, which means that the oil is a potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent. That makes the oil an excellent remedy for soothing joint pains. The decongestant actions of the oil act on the body's lymphatic system and relieve all joint pains.

Now, what is the lymphatic system of the body? The lymphatic system is a lymph vessel system of the body that extensively covers all the parts of the body and collects all waste and toxins produced by various organs of the body. It carries all the accumulated wastes and toxins to the blood, which then expels all the wastes from the body, keeping the body safe from any harm.

But sometimes, due to excessive accumulation of wastes and toxins, the lymph vessels get clogged and congested and result in the development of various autoimmune body disorders such as joint pains or arthritis. Arthritis is extreme pain of joints due to inflammations in joints.

Hexane free castor oil is your natural, potent, and inexpensive way to aid in removing all the accumulated toxins. When the toxins get expelled, the lymph vessels become soft, and the lymph fluids move easily and freely in the vessels to perform their functions.

The oil directly affects the body’s immune system by acting on the thymus glands, which then directly impacts the production of white blood cells of the body.

One additional benefit of the oil is that its topical application and cayenne pepper can relieve internal joint pains in a small amount of time.

A safe and natural Laxative.

The use of pure castor oil as a natural laxative is known from ancient times, and people consider it a safe and natural remedy for constipation. However, many big manufacturers have made up rumors of castor oil being a dangerous way of treating constipation to sell their products.

But, the fact is that Organic Castor Oil is not only safe for intake to treat constipation but is also recommended in appropriate quantities for treating children suffering from constipation.

Organic Castor Oil has a toxin in its components known as ricin, but the toxin gets deactivated in the early stages of the oil's cold press extraction process. So, it is safe to say that taking the advised quantity of oil can help you much.

One advantage of using castor oil is that you can adjust the oil dose according to your condition and get effects relative to the dose your intake.

The physician's normal dose is about 1-2 tablespoons for an average adult and 1-2 teaspoons for children. You are advised to take care of children under two years old and not give them more than one teaspoon at one time.

It is also advised to mix the oil with some good tasting juice as the oil itself does not taste very pleasant. The most commonly used juice is orange juice, as its citric flavor can easily mask the unpleasant taste of the oil.

Another thing that differentiates Organic Castor Oil from other laxatives is its mode of action. The normal laxatives available in the market work on the colon to cure constipation; however, castor oil directly affects the small intestine. After ingesting the oil, it would take about 2-5 hours for your body to clean itself out.

Moisturizes skin naturally and deeply.

Every person out there does not want dehydrated and dry skin, but it is often hard to take care of our skin and body in our busy everyday schedules. So, an easy technique is to apply Organic Castor Oil on your skin.

The thick consistency of the oil helps keep it retained on the skin's surface so that maximum benefits can be extracted. The oil has increased the ability to penetrate, which means that it would get absorbed into the skin's deepest layers and moisturize skin tissues of the lowest layer.

Many triglycerides present in the oil nourish the skin and return all the essential nutrients it loses over time.

Many moisturizers sold in the market have castor oil as their primary component. However, direct application of the oil has proven to show positive results.

But, do keep in mind that the oil’s thick consistency can make it difficult to apply. So, the best way is to take a small quantity of oil in your palms and rub it. The rubbing warms the oil, and the fats present in it melt to some extent, making oil a little less viscous. After rubbing the oil on your palms, then apply it to your skin.

The application becomes much more comfortable after doing the above said and spread in a thin layer, which gets absorbed quickly into the skin. Only a small quantity of the best castor oil for skin must thoroughly moisturize the skin as a small amount of the castor oil goes a long way.

You will also feel the oil to be a bit sticky at first but don’t worry. Once you start rubbing and massaging the oil on your skin, it would become less viscous due to the heat produced and will get completely absorbed into the skin without leaving any residue.

You can also apply another technique to make application easy, and that is by mixing it with another less viscous and compatible oil like coconut oil. That makes oil application easy and also gives additional benefits.

Your effective and natural muscle relaxant.

Therapeutic massages using essential oils are gaining popularity amongst the mass due to their immense benefits. Organic cold pressed castor oil is also one of those essential oils known for their role in therapeutic massages. Massaging your muscles with warm castor oil helps to relax muscles and reduce tension by improving the body's blood circulation.

The oil is beneficial in soothing sore muscles and making them soft by releasing the stress and tension entrapped in it, which usually results from excessive physical activities.

So, if you have aching muscles due to a workout session or a long day at work, take a small amount of warm castor oil and start massaging it in small circular motions until all the oil gets absorbed; this will give you instant relief.

Another benefit of castor oil is that it is highly compatible with other essential oils like chamomile oil or peppermint oil. This means that you can add other essential oils with castor oil and then massage that onto your muscles. That would help you get additional benefits like quick healing and an extra soothe the feeling.

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