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Castor oil originates from the beans and the seed of the castor plant. This natural vegetable oil has a history which goes back to ancient Egypt, where it was used for its laxative and purgative action. As it has no taste or smell, it serves as a perfect base for medicines and cosmetics.

Quick Summary

  • Used for eye care
  • Used to take care of all skin types
  • Treat and prevent the development of all infections.

Organic Castor Oil is known to impart so many different benefits and serves to be an amazing natural home remedy for a variety of diseases. That is why it is said that castor oil is a must-have ingredient at home.

The uses of the oil are discussed in detail below.

  • Used for eye care.

This natural oil is used by many people as a natural, no adverse effect and inexpensive way to treat the delicate skin around the eyes.

Best castor oil helps to lighten dark circles that have appeared around the eyes and gives it new health.

The oil helps treat the stressed and worn out look of the eye and makes it look fresh.

  • Used to take care of all skin types.

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Organic castor oil for skin is a very beneficial addition to your skin care regime. The oil works to do wonders for all skin types and especially the sensitive type of skin.

It is highly recommended to be applied on the skin because it gets absorbed quickly into the surface of the skin and does not stay stuck to the outermost surface.

The high penetration ability of the oil helps to lock moisture into the layers of the skin and saves the skin from aging quickly as dry and dehydrated skin tends to age very quickly.

The access to the oil into the deepest layers of the skin also helps to detoxify the skin and improve the growth and function of normal healthy skin cells

  • Treat and prevent the development of all infections.

The constitutes of the USDA Organic Castor Oil hold strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that increase the immunity of the body and protect skin from all kinds of infections.

As the oil goes into the deepest layers, it traps moisture inside and keeps skin healthy and young.

It is observed that, when the oil is supplied directly onto the skin and is massaged into the sin gently, it helps to reduce inflammations and also enhances the lymphatic circulation of the body that functions to expel all the toxins out of the body quickly.

Poor circulation leads to accumulation of toxins in the body which then leads to the development of various issues and inflammations; thus, Organic Castor Oil plays a vital role to detoxify the body.

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