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The glittering allure of tinsel is a familiar sight during the holidays. Historically, these shimmering strands decked our halls and graced Christmas trees, catching and reflecting the warm glow of holiday lights. However, this trend, like many before it, evolved over the centuries and transitioned from decorating our homes to decorating our hair. This shift is not entirely surprising considering the age-old tradition of embellishing hair during special occasions. From the floral wreaths in ancient Greece to the jeweled hairpins of the Renaissance, decorating our tresses has always held festive significance.

As we approach the holiday season and look forward to celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve, you can turn to hair tinsel to infuse historical charm and celebratory sparkle into your holiday look. It’s not just about adding a touch of glam to your ensemble; it’s about reflecting the joy and spirit of the holidays during these special times. Keep reading for more information on tips and considerations when tying hair tinsel to your hair to capture the essence of the holiday season.

Factors to consider when tying hair tinsel to your hair during the holiday season

The holiday season has always been associated with sparkling ornaments, shimmering lights, and an overall glow that warms the chilly winter nights. As we think of decorating our halls, why not also decorate our hair? Hair tinsel, with its beautiful sparkle, promises to be the accessory in style this festive season. However, before tying these glittering hair tinsel strands into your hair, you must consider several factors to ensure your hair shines as bright as the holiday spirit and lasts through the holiday celebrations. The following are some of the factors to consider when selecting and styling hair tinsel specifically to meet the demands and delights of the holiday season:

1.    Color coordination

Add a holiday-specific touch to your hair with tinsel colors that align with the holiday’s palette. Red and greens are ideal for Christmas, blues and silvers are suitable for Hanukkah, and vibrant silver and gold are great for New Year’s Eve parties. If your holiday parties revolve around a specific theme, such as Winter Wonderland or Vintage Christmas, add tinsel to your hair that matches this theme for a cohesive look. This ensures the hair tinsel color you choose enhances the festive atmosphere.

2.    Versatility

The holiday season sees us flitting from casual gatherings with family to the glitz of office parties with colleagues and then to the refined ambiance of formal dinners. Amidst these transitions, our hair, adorned with hair tinsel, must gracefully adapt to each setting. When selecting hair tinsel kit colors and styles to tie in your hair, it's essential to consider the different holiday activities you will attend and the hair tinsel's suitability for all of them. Opting for versatile tinsel colors and styles ensures that whether you are conversing with friends at a casual party or toasting with colleagues at end-of-year corporate events, your hair continues to enhance your look rather than detract from it. Furthermore, the versatility of hair tinsel style and colors offers a practical advantage. It saves time, as you don't have to change your tinsel color or adjust the style to suit different events. For example, golden hair tinsel is festive enough for a laid-back gathering and elegant enough for a gala.

3.    Care and maintenance

The holiday festivities often span several weeks, and your hair needs to retain its shimmer from the start to the very last toast. Just as you wouldn’t want your holiday lights to dim, you wouldn’t want the colors and sparkle of your hair tinsel to fade prematurely. A key factor to consider when tying hair tinsel is the maintenance you require and whether it’s resilient enough to withstand the frequent washing, styling, and restyling. Opting for washable and heat-resistant hair tinsel ensures you can maintain its vibrancy throughout the festivities.

4.    Outfit coordination

The holiday season is a time to try out different outfits, from glittering sequins to clothes with rich patterns that evoke the warmth of holiday traditions. With such a vibrant array of clothing choices, it is crucial to approach the choice of hair tinsel colors and styles thoughtfully to coordinate with your outfits. The sparkle of tinsel in your hair should serve as a harmonious extension of your entire ensemble. Therefore, if you are already wearing sparkling clothes, like a sequined dress, the tinsel should offer a subtle shimmer to complement rather than compete with your outfit’s inherent exuberance.

On the other hand, the holidays present occasions that demand a more understated style. From office parties and formal galas to intimate dinners, you may be required to dress in simple and sophisticated attire. In such instances, hair tinsel can play a bolder role and add a festive flair to your muted ensemble. Whether it’s gold hair tinsel against your black dress or silver hair tinsel alongside your silk pantsuit, the hair tinsel becomes the bridge between refined style and holiday festivities.

5.    Complementary hairstyles

The holiday season often inspires us to experiment with a diverse range of hairstyles, from relaxed waves to elegant updos. When tying hair tinsel into your hair, it’s paramount to ensure that it seamlessly complements your chosen hairstyle. The last thing you want for your chosen tinsel is for it to get lost in a complex braid or disrupt from your flowing curls. The texture, placement, and length of your hair tinsel should be compatible with your holiday hairstyle. Moreover, hair tinsel should add festive sparkle to your hairstyle, not overshadow or complicate it. If you want to tie your hair in an elaborate updo, for example, consider subtle tinsel shades that don’t overwhelming the design. If you have relaxed waves for a casual gathering, tie colorful hair tinsel to serve as a statement piece. Ensuring your hair tinsel choice complements your hairstyle guarantees that your festive hair game remains captivating and impeccable throughout the holiday season.

6.    Duration of festivities

As the year winds down, holiday festivities present a marathon of events that often span several weeks. Some people may only need to wear hair tinsel in their hair for a single office celebration or family gathering. However, for some, the festivities may begin with pre-Christmas parties and culminate with vibrant New Year's celebrations. It's crucial to consider the duration of festivities when choosing your hair tinsel to ensure the shimmer doesn't dull as the days pass. If you plan to have hair tinsel in your tresses for a long time, opt for durable hair tinsel materials like silk or high-quality polyester to ensure it resists fraying and retains its brilliance for longer. Furthermore, if you intend to wear your hair tinsel for longer, fasten it securely to ensure it remains steadfast through the heartfelt embraces and merry dances that define the holiday season. Thus, as the festivities stretch, quality tinsel that's tied in properly guarantees that your sparkly look remains undiminished until the end of the season.

Tips and steps to follow when tying hair tinsel to your hair for the holiday season

As we prepare for the holiday season, adding tinsel to your hair is the perfect way to infuse a bit of holiday magic. However, tying in tinsel for holiday events demands precision. Whether you wish to add subtle shimmer to formal events or a dazzling sparkle to lively parties, the hair tinsel application method can make all the difference. The following are tips on selecting, applying, and maintaining hair tinsel, ensuring it turns heads at every holiday gathering:

  1. Choose traditional holiday colors like gold, silver, green, and red. Or go for hues that match festive outfits or holiday party themes.
  2. Ensure the hair tinsel is long enough to accommodate holiday hairstyles. If you plan on curling your hair or wearing it up, get longer hair tinsel.
  3. Get a hair tinsel kit with all the tools you need to tie hair tinsel in your hair. The tools include a tail comb, a fine-tooth comb, hair clips, a mirror, and a pack of hair tinsels in different colors.
  4. Start fresh with clean and dried hair to ensure your hair tinsel strands last through the night.
  5. Considering the holiday rush and activities, place hair tinsel in locations that won't easily snag on scarves or holiday hats.
  6. Tie in the tinsel by looping a tinsel strand, placing it under a hair section, pulling the hair through the loop, and securing the slip knot. Add two or more tinsel strands close together to give your holiday look a denser shimmer.
  7. Combine the tinsel strands with other holiday-themed hair accessories like tiny jingle bells or snowflake pins.
  8. If you are attending dance-heavy parties, ensure the tinsel is tightly secured so you can dance all night without worry.
  9. If you live in areas that experience winter weather around the holidays, ensure your hair tinsel is protected from rain or snow when you step out by wearing a hood or a hat.
  10. If you plan on keeping the tinsel in your hair for several days, consider overnight care by braiding before sleep to prevent the hair tinsel from tangling.
  11. Before attending your holiday event, run a straightener on a low-temperature setting over the tinsel to smooth it out and boost its shine.


Tying hair tinsel during the festive season can add magic and merriment to every holiday party. With the appropriate techniques, this delightful accessory can revamp your holiday look and make every moment a little brighter and every celebration more enchanting. As we approach the holidays, capture the spirit of the season by adding hair tinsel to your hair.