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hair tinsel theme party

When you are styling your look for a themed party, every detail counts. Your outfits, accessories, and hairstyle must match the party’s theme. Hair tinsel is a great way to transform your simple hairstyle into a statement-stealing look that complements any theme. Whether you’re going for a sci-fi event or want a neon-lit look reminiscent of the 80s disco era, tinsel hair will give you the glitz and flare to ensure you are properly dressed for the occasion. Keep reading for factors to consider when choosing hair tinsel for themed events and some colors you can choose for popular party themes.

Factors to consider when incorporating hair tinsel into themed party hairstyles

Themed parties allow you to express your creativity, and what better way to amplify your hairstyle than with sparkling hair tinselTinsel hair can elevate your look, whether you’re going for a calm soiree or a vibrant disco-themed event. However, you must consider certain factors to ensure your tinsel hair game is on point. Adding hair tinsel to your party hairstyle requires some planning and thought. Before choosing this glittery accent for your themed party hairstyle, consider the following factors:

1.    Hair tinsel quality

The quality of the hair tinsel determines its durability and how beautiful it looks in your hair. Quality tinsel is made from polyester and mimics the appearance of your natural hair. If you intend to style your hair using hot tools, get premium tinsel hair with heat-resistant treatment. This allows you to use curling irons without damaging or melting the tinsel. Read reviews and recommendations from previous clients before buying to ensure the hair tinsel is good quality.

2.    Color coordination

Color coordination can make or break your themed party look. When tying hair tinsel to your hair, ensure the colors complement your hair color, outfit, and party theme. This helps create a visually harmonious look. Furthermore, color coordination enhances the visual appeal of your ensemble and ensures theme consistency. A well-chosen hair tinsel color can tie the hairstyle and the outfit together for a polished appearance. It is also a great way to make a statement and looks photogenic in pictures.

3.    Hair length and type

The hair length and type can affect the visibility of hair tinsel and how it will lay when added to your hair. Medium to long hair supports hair tinsel better than short hair. Curly hair has more grip, meaning the hair tinsel is more likely to stay in your hair despite lots of jumping and dancing.

4.    Application method

There are two main application methods when tying tinsel to your hair. The slipknot method involves creating a loop and attaching the tinsel around a few hair strands. The microbeads method involves attaching your hair and the tinsel strands to a microbead and crimping the bead to secure the tinsel. Themed parties are usually short-term occasions, which means you don’t have to keep the hair tinsel in your hair for a long time. Therefore, the simple slipknot method works best. It is easy to tie your hair at home with the help of a friend. However, if you are unsure how to put in hair tinsel, get help from a professional stylist.

5.    Placement

For themed party events, you want the tinsel hair to be visible. Interweave the hair tinsel in your hairstyle for an attention-grabbing effect. You can place the tinsel in your bangs or on the bun to make the style more pronounced. Consider doubling up the strands of tinsel for a thicker, more noticeable appearance.

6.    Complementary accessories

Consider other hair accessories you might need for your themed party look, including headbands, ribbons, and barrettes. Ensure the hair tinsel you choose complements other hair accessories and doesn’t overshadow them.

7.    Safety

If you’re going to be doing a lot of dancing or other party activities, ensure the hair tinsel is fastened securely. This prevents it from falling into your eyes, where it can become a safety hazard.

8.    Costume practicality

If your themed party look involves costumes with collars and hoods that might interfere with the tinsel hair, ensure you choose a hairstyle and hair tinsel placement that keeps the tinsel visible. Your hairstyle should not interfere with the rest of your costume or vice versa.

Examples of themed parties that you can use hair tinsel

Hair tinsel brings incredible flair and versatility to themed party hairstyles and can complement your party attire and the ambiance. From magical mermaid-themed parties to nostalgic retro gatherings, hair tinsel can transport you and fellow partygoers to a different realm. The following are examples of themed parties where tinsel hair can add a playful gleam to your ensemble:

1.    Fairytale themed party

Fairytale-themed parties evoke enchanted castles and whimsical woods. Hair tinsel can help you add this ethereal, dreamy look to your ensemble. Start by creating soft and flowing waves using a curling wand or iron. Take hair tinsel in iridescent hues or pastel colors like lavender and baby pink and tie it throughout the hair, focusing on the crown area where it will catch the light for a magical shimmer. You can also braid your hair in a single long braid or a crown braid and weave tinsel gold or silver tinsel strands in each section to create the look of a fairy.

Another style is to tie your hair in an updo and allow a few tendrils to frame your face. Take the tinsel strands and tie them within the updo while letting some hang down to give the illusion of magical gleaming strands among your locks. You can also use several tinsel strands to create a makeshift crown or halo and drape it from one side to the other, securing it behind your ears.

2.    Sci-Fi theme

Sci-fi-themed parties evoke images of intergalactic adventures and futuristic technologies. Hair tinsel can help create a cosmic look that channels sci-fi vibes. To learn how to put in hair tinsel for a sci-fi-themed party, start by creating sleek waves and adding metallic strands in dark blues and silver to resemble the night sky. Tie your hair in a sleek, high alien ponytail and tie tinsel strands along the length of the ponytail. You can also split your hair into two sections and tie each of them into space buns on either side of your head. Weave tinsel strands as you twist the buns for a dash of sparkle. For added sparkle, pair your tinsel hairstyle with hair clips in the shapes of planets, stars, and spaceships for a complementary look.

3.    Disco theme

The disco era had a lot of vibrant colors and statement-making fashion. This period had an undeniable flair for vibrant and sparkly accessories, which makes hair tinsel the perfect trend to evoke the 80s disco vibe. You can embrace the 80s love for big hair by curling your hair to create a lot of volume and weaving bright neon tinsel strands throughout the curls. Other colors for this theme include gold, hot pink, and electric blue. Another popular 80s style is the high-side ponytail. Pull your hair to one side and add tinsel strands to the ponytail for extra glam.

Crimping was another popular 80s hairstyle. Crimp your hair and add brightly colored hair tinsel to enhance the texture of your hair. You can also cluster several tinsel strands together to create the illusion of neon highlights that were popular in the 80s. To complete the look, accessorize your hair with large bows, bead strands, and banana clips.

4.    Winter wonderland theme

A winter wonderland-themed party evokes a magical ambiance that conjures images of shimmering ice, frosty nights, and snow-laden landscapes. An example of a hairstyle that matches this theme is a long, intricate braid that resembles the character of Elsa from the movie Frozen. Weave silver strands into the braid to give it a wintry feel. You can also style your hair in flowing waves and weave icy blue or white tinsel throughout the hair to reflect light. A third style is to create a halo braid or a half-up crown and weave white or silver tinsel strands into the braid. Accessorize your look with crystal beads and snowflake-shaped hairpins.

5.    Hollywood glam theme

A Hollywood glam-themed party evokes the elegance of cinema’s golden age. This theme is characterized by glitz, glamour, and drama, and tinsel hair can add all these to your ensemble. Try tying your hair in a chignon or a high bun and weave gold or champagne tinsel strands for a dash of opulence. You can channel the glamour of the 1920s by placing tinsel strands along your hairline, allowing them to frame your face to resemble the bejeweled headbands of this era. The color palette for this themed party is silver, champagne, deep red, and gold. Complementary accessories include pearled hair clips, feathered accessories, and jeweled hairpins.


The shimmer and versatility of hair tinsel have made it the go-to accessory for themed parties. Tinsel in hair can easily elevate any normal hairstyle to match the theme of any event, whether you want to channel the aura of a fairytale princess or the timeless essence of Hollywood glamour. However, as with any accessory, it is essential to consider colors and styles that complement the theme and your overall ensemble.