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Experimentation is an exciting rite of passage for many teenagers eager to express their style. One of the ways they can do this is with hair tinselTinsel hair extensions have made a style comeback in teen fashion scenes, thanks to new styles, colors, and application techniques that suit modern aesthetics. Teenagers often look for novel ways to express their individuality and elevate their style, and tinsel hair offers an excellent avenue. For teenagers who want to stand out, make their mark, or add a dash of sparkle to their ensemble, hair tinsel is the go-to hair trend. Keep reading for more information on the popularity of hair tinsel among teenagers and how teens are styling hair tinsel. 

Why is hair tinsel so popular among teenagers?

In the world of teenage fashion, few trends shimmer as brightly as hair tinsel. This trend has become a symbol of youthful expression and experimentation. Whether it’s because they are influenced by celebrities or are attracted to all things shiny, there’s no denying that teenage fashionistas are embracing tinsel hair as part of their everyday look. The following are reasons why tinsel is so popular among teenagers:

1.    Easy application

While many teenagers can go to salons to tie their hair tinsel, there are DIY kits that make home application easy. Teenagers can use this as a bonding session with friends as they have fun tying tinsel strands to each other’s hair. The easy application makes this trend affordable and easy for teenagers to customize to suit their style.

2.    Temporary style

Unlike other hair trends, hair tinsel is temporary and does not damage your hair. It does not require any bleach, dye, or chemicals. This makes it a non-committal way to switch your look, making it attractive among teenagers.

3.    Celebrity influence

Over the years, several celebrities like Beyonce and Kacey Musgraves have sported hair tinsel in their hair. This trend is also popular among influencers on sites like TikTok and Instagram. Celebrity influence has catapulted this trend and made it more popular among teenagers.

4.    Festival vibes

The rising popularity of arts and music festivals has made tinsel hair popular among teenagers. The attendees often have bright and eclectic styles. Hair tinsel is ideal for these events, as it offers a vibrant touch to any festival look. Sometimes, teenagers attending these festivals sport tinsel strands in their hair for an ethereal or bohemian look.

Factors teenagers should consider when tying tinsel to their hair

Before diving head-first into the hair tinsel trend, teenagers need to consider a number of factors. Some of them include:

1.    Hair health

Before adding tinsel strands to your hair, consider your hair health. If you have damaged or overly processed hair, you'll notice that the strands may not hold the tinsel well. Hair tinsel could cause more damage due to the added weight and manipulation. Ensure your hair is strong and healthy before learning how to put in hair tinsel.

2.    Tinsel quality

It is critical to understand that not all hair tinsel is created equal. Do some research on quality brands that will not easily fray, fall out, or fade. This ensures you get tinsel that retains its sparkle and beauty for longer.

3.    Application method

There are two main tinsel application methods. The first one is the slip-knot method which you can easily do from the comfort of your home. The second application method is the microbeads technique which may require special tools and additional items. Learn how to put in hair tinsel with the different application methods and the advantages and disadvantages of each method. Ensure you are comfortable with the application technique you choose. If you are unsure, seek help from a professional hairstylist.

4.    Maintenance

While tinsel in hair is a low-maintenance style, you still need to take care of it to ensure longevity. Brush and scrub your hair gently so you don't pull the hair tinsel out. Avoid bleaches or harsh products that may cause the tinsel strands to fade or lose their luster. Read the packaging to know the heat-resistance rating of your hair tinsel before using hot tools to style your hair.

5.    Duration

Consider how long you’d like the hair tinsel to last before putting it in. Tinsel hair can last several weeks, depending on the application method and quality. If you want to wear hair tinsel for an upcoming event, such as your prom or a party, tie it as close to the event’s date as possible.

6.    Activity level

As a teenager, you’re probably involved in physical activities and sports. Consider how the sports you participate in could affect the longevity of your hair tinsel strands. For example, if you swim a lot, the chlorine in pools could damage the appearance of hair tinsel. If you take part in contact sports, your hair could be pulled, causing some tinsel strands to fall out.

7.    Trend evolution

The hair tinsel trend has made a major comeback in recent years. However, as a teenager, it’s important to note that trends come and go. What could be a fun way to express yourself today could become yesterday’s news tomorrow. Prioritize the health of your hair and your personal style over staying current with the latest trends.

8.    Personal expression

Lastly, tinsel in hair is a unique way to express your individuality. Pick colors that speak to you and resonate with your aesthetic rather than going with popular choices.

How are teenagers styling hair tinsel?

From subtle highlights to bold style statements, teenagers are redefining how people wear and perceive hair tinsel. This age group has come up with innovative ways to weave the sparkle of hair tinsel into their hair. The following are examples of how teenagers can style their hair with tinsel extensions:

1.    Accent in braids

One of the popular ways teenagers add tinsel to their hair is as accents in braids. This is done by tying the tinsel using the simple slip-knot method and then braiding the hair normally while treating the tinsel as an additional hair strand. The tinsel can be woven tightly with the hair strand or sit on the surface for a pronounced look.

2.    Hidden highlights

For a more subtle approach ideal for school, teens can hide the tinsel beneath the top layer of their hair. Therefore, the tinsel hair is only visible when the hair moves, creating a peek-a-boo effect.

3.    Rainbow colors

If you are a teenager who embraces a more eclectic style, try using different colors in your hair for a playful look. If you wish to make a vibrant statement, tying rainbow-colored tinsel strands is the way to go. For this style, you’ll need tinsel hair in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet colors. Start with clean and detangled hair. Section your hair where you want to place the hair tinsel strands. Begin by tying the red tinsel and progress from one end to the other by tying tinsels in the order of the rainbow. Ensure each rainbow color gets the spotlight. You can also choose to play with the intensity and placement. You can even opt for a reverse rainbow style. It is essential to note that the rainbow tinsel strands attract attention. Therefore, ensure they always look their best by caring for and maintaining your hair. Don’t use high heat to ensure the colors don’t fade.

4.    Matching hair to outfits

Combining your hairstyle with your outfit choices is an excellent way to make a statement. For teens who want to align their hair aesthetics with their wardrobe choices, it is essential to understand color theory. If you are wearing a bright green shirt, you can use red tinsel for a dynamic contrast. You can also use colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. Therefore, if you have a green or purple dress, tie blue tinsel strands to your hair. You can also tie tinsel strands that match the dominant colors in accessories such as necklaces, shoes, or earrings. If you are wearing clothes with lots of prints, choose a dominant shade and use it to select a tinsel color. Use platforms like Pinterest and Instagram for style inspiration on matching your hair tinsel with your outfits. Do not be afraid to experiment to discover a look that resonates with your style.

5.    Ombre effect

For this style, get tinsel in at least two shades of the same color. The idea is to transition from the lighter shade to the darker one or vice versa. When tying tinsel to your hair, start with the base shade, which is usually the darker one. Tie this shade about one-third of the length of the section you created or until you feel it’s time to move on to the next shade. Introduce transition shades and ensure they overlap slightly with the darker shade for a seamless transition. This can mean tying both colors to some hair strands. When using more than two shades, repeat this step for each hair tinsel shade.


Teenagers can use hair tinsel to express their creativity while adding a fun accessory to their hair. It is a great way to experiment and redefine style norms while looking phenomenal. Whether for a few days or a seasonal look, hair tinsel remains a popular trend among teenagers. Before adding tinsel to their hair, teenagers should consider factors like hair health, duration, personal style, and activity level.