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When it comes to natural skin care, there are different kind of oils that help to make your skin look good. One of these oils is Castor Oil, which holds great value in the world of natural skin care.

Organic Castor Oil is extracted by the cold press method from the seeds of the Castor Plant. The oil is very thick in consistency and colorless when in its unrefined and natural form.

The constituents of the oil such as oleic acid, Ricinoleic acid, and triglyceride of fatty acids, are responsible for the therapeutic benefits of the oil. When present in the oil, these acids impart their benefits to their full potential and stop the growth of various diseases causing bacteria, virus and other microorganisms.

That is why, when the oil is applied, it relieves pain and treats the infection from its root cause. It helps to get rid of the grown warts too. But these are not the only benefits that Organic Castor Oil gives, it is helpful in many ways. Some are listed below.

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Weight Loss

Being obese or overweight is a problem suffered by many men and women around the globe. The accumulation of excessive fats not only slows down the normal activities of a person but is also the main reason behind the development of so many other diseases in the body, some of the most common are high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, diabetes, and many heart problems.

Hexane Free Castor Oil is considered as the best and natural remedy of excessive body weight and all the linked disorders. Simply taking two to three spoons of castor oil daily before breakfast can efficiently reduce weight.


Organic Castor Oil for skin is used to treat sunburn, especially in summers and gives a soothing feeling. Not only this, it helps heal minor cuts, burns, and other skin injuries.

As the oil gets absorbed into the skin quickly, it is used to relieve the pain of stiff joints and works to loosen them and is used for therapeutic massages to improve the healing process and relieve pain. It also treats various skin problems and skin infections, including toenail and finger infections


Many factors contribute to the decreasing health of hair. Some of these are stress, bad eating habits, and environmental factors. All these leads to excessive hair fall, hair thinning and eventually baldness.

Men and women both, are affected greatly by the various problems of hair. USDA Organic Castor Oil plays a very effective role in reducing these problems. By regularly using Castor Oil for hair growth, the natural growth of hair is increased, and the hair becomes stronger. Stronger hair means lesser hair breakage and decreased hair fall.

It also prevents split ends of hair, making hair look healthy and full of volume. The oil is also a natural remedy for scalp dryness and deeply conditions the scalp and hair. In some cases, it has seen to change grey hair back to black hair and reduce baldness.

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