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Everyone thinks of having longer, darker, fuller, and bright eyelashes. However, a survey in the USA shows that 3 out of 4 women think their lashes length is inadequate. In addition, many people face lash damage because they are using the wrong products like falsies, glues, chemical ingredients, toxin mascara, and much more. But, now, a natural solution has arrived: an eyelash growth serum. So, let’s deep dive into how to use eyelash growth serum and how it boosts the eyelash length.

How to use an eyelash growth serum?

You can use eyelash growth serum by following simple steps:

  1. Wash your face correctly to remove the makeup traces so that makeup won’t disturb the ingredients of lash growth serum.
  2. Dip the applicator brush into the eyelash growth serum and remove its excess quantity.
  3. Apply the serum thoroughly to your eyelashes. Ensure that no hair is left from the serum.
  4. Repeat the same process daily at night but do not sleep immediately or apply the makeup after using lash growth serum.

Remember that applying an excess quantity of it does not grow your eyelashes early. The results of the serum came into existence with its constant use for 3-6 weeks.

Week-wise journey of eyelash growth serum:


Week 1:

Start using the eyelash growth serum. Use an eyelash growth serum twice a day, like one swipe in the morning before makeup and one swipe before bed.

Week 2:

An eyelash growth serum provides the natural ingredients to your eyelashes in order to boost growth. Be consistent while using an eyelash growth serum because it takes 3-6 weeks to show its results.

Week 3:

Regular usage of an eyelash growth serum creates new roots into your lash line and grows tiny hair within it.

Week 4:

The eyelash growth serum profoundly penetrates the lashes to stimulate hair growth. So, it boosts the development of new hairs that were tiny in the previous week and promotes hair growth of all hairs.

Week 5:

The eyelash growth serum rebuilds all the lash line and makes it shiny and lustered. The lash serum separately nourishes each hair of your lash line and makes it prominent without damaging the original color of your eyelashes.

Week 6 and 6+:

In the 6th week, you will experience your long, dark, strong, thick, and prominent lashes. After the 6th week, you will see the permanent results that a lash serum will provide you.

Remember that immediately leaving a lash serum can be bad for your eyelashes. So, leave it after using some days, like use the serum after two days, then use it after three days, then once in a week, then once in a month. This strategy will give you more good and better results.

You have seen how an eyelash growth serum saves you from wearing falsies or eyelash extensions. Many brands can provide you with eyelash growth serum, but Herbiar eyelash growth serum is best because it is FDA-approved, Amazon-approved, toxin-free, and cruelty-free.