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If you are one who is not born with long eyelashes and you do not want to be in trouble with lash extensions or falsies, then you should give a try to eyelash growth serum. Eyelash growth serum is gaining popularity in the beauty market after its launch. They are designed in such a way that they strengthen and lengthen the volume of your eyelashes. The way face masks are essential for a skincare routine; the beauty routine is all about the eyes.

You may have read many reviews about eyelash growth serum on social media, but do you know whether these products successfully work? Also, is eyelash growth serum safe for your eyelashes and delicate eye area? Read here what dermatologists say about eyelash growth serums.

What is eyelash growth serum?

An alternative to eyelash extensions or falsies is eyelash growth serum. The eyelash growth serum is a beauty product for eyelashes that boosts hair growth and grows new hair roots. To volumize hair growth, eyelash growth serum contains ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, biotin, peptides, castor oil, and much more. These ingredients help to hydrate and moisturize the eyelashes in order to prevent them from breaking and stimulate hair growth. The eyelash growth serum extends the telogen phase of eyelashes and improves your hair growth cycle.

How long should you use the eyelash growth serum?

For excellent results, one should use the eyelash growth serum for almost 3-6 weeks. The application of eyelash growth serum should be made two times a day. Please note that hair growth depends on the growth cycle, and every person has a different growth cycle. Some people achieve their results quickly, and others must wait for six weeks. Herbiar ensures that you will see dark, long, strong, shiny, and healthy eyelashes after consistently using their lash serum for two weeks, and if you want to see the complete results, you need to wait for 3-6 weeks.

Can you apply too much eyelash serum?

Using an excessive quantity of eyelash growth serum will not give you quick results, so it is better to use just one swipe of eyelash growth serum two times a day, i.e., one swipe in the morning before using your makeup and one swipe before bed. In addition, using an excessive quantity of serum can give you complications and irritations.

What does lash growth serum do?

The eyelash growth serum contains hair growth ingredients and nourishing ingredients that deeply penetrate the eyelashes in order to stimulate hair growth and hydrate and moisturize them. Furthermore, the active ingredients in the lash growth serum work together to healthier and strengthen lashes which causes less breakage. Dermatologists say that the eyelash growth serum effectively produces new hair roots and grows new hair.

What is the bad ingredient in lash serums?

A bad ingredient in the eyelash growth serum is Triethanolamine. According to dermatologists, this ingredient should not be used as long term as it has detrimental effects on the immune system and skin and is a respiratory toxicant. In addition, for sensitive eyes and skin, this ingredient has more toxic results on the delicate eye area.

Does eyelash growth serum work on eyebrows?

There are many lash growth serums on the market, and each serum comes with its unique qualities. The eyelash growth serum by Herbiar can be used on eyebrows and gives the same effective results as on eyelashes. The ingredients that are effective in boosting eyelash growth are also effective for eyebrow growth as well. Using the eyelash growth serum twice a day on your eyebrows will stimulate the growth of the brows.


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