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Using natural ingredients to treat acne or acne scars is the most common and effective remedy. With every passing day, the trend of people is shifting towards natural skin care after being more and more aware of the harms that are being done by the application of synthetic products full of harmful chemicals.

By applying artificial products on your skin to treat acne, you are doing more harm than good to your skin. So, it is better to shift towards an effective and natural treatment to cure acne and acne scars.

This natural remedy is the application of Organic Castor Oil on your skin to reduce acne. Castor oil is being used to treat so many different diseases of humans, from ancient times

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Make sure to do this before applying Castor oil

But, you need to make sure one thing before applying castor oil for acne and that is the surface of your skin is cleaned correctly, and no dirt practices are present on it.

To do so, rinse your face gently with lukewarm water and then pat dry your face gently and non-vigorously. By doing this, your skin surface would be clean of all dirt and bacteria.

The right way to apply Castor oil

To apply castor oil for face, take a small amount of oil on the tips of your finger and massage the oil gently into your face in a circular motion on the acne affected areas. Your skin would feel a bit sticky during this, but do not worry it is completely normal.

If doing this in the morning, let the oil stay on your skin for about half an hour and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. If doing this at night, let the oil stay on overnight and then rinse off in the morning.

Once you are done with rinsing your face and washing the oil off, apply your regular moisturizers on your skin to prevent skin from getting dry. Repeating this regularly with pure cold pressed castor oil, will cause a noticeable reduction in your skin breakouts.

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