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Organic Castor Oil – USDA Certified

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  • USDA certified 100% organic
  • Naturally grown seeds, cold pressed, and hexane-free
  • Boosts hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes growth
  • Adds length, thickness and luster to your hair
  • Makes your scalp healthy and infection-free

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Product Description

About This Product

Herbiar is proud to present the world's finest and 100% pure organic castor oil for hair growth, health and shine. Our castor oil is produced via naturally grown seeds on a fully organic diet. These seeds are then pressed at low temperatures to extract the oil with all its nutrients and packed with zero preservatives to keep it all-natural - 100% organic.

It is available in 30ml.

  • GUARANTEED 100% ORGANIC: Extracted from 100% natural seeds grown on an organic diet, obtained from some of the finest castor seed fields in the world.
  • PRESSED AT LOW TEMPERATURES: Extracted using the cold press method to ensure the oil is rich with nutrients for your scalp and hair and has no preservatives like hexane inside.
  • TARGETS HAIR GROWTH: Aims to boost your hair growth and works miraculously for the health and lustre of your eyebrows and eyelashes as well.
  • FIT FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: Tested for all hair and skin types with no adverse effects recorded.

No Compromise on Quality

This all-natural castor oil is 100% pure. Herbiar has a reliable supply chain that ensures completely organic growth of the seeds used for castor oil.

Additionally, no preservatives or ingredients are added into the organic castor oil to keep it 100% pure and natural. Our castor oil is USDA certified organic, which leaves no doubt about its purity and potency.

As the oil is packed, it is put into specially designed glass bottles that prevent UV light from reaching the oil. The bottles also do not have any carrier fluids, giving you the confidence that all the contents of your Herbiar bottle are 100% pure organic castor oil.

Is Castor Oil Good For Hair Growth?

You will find castor oil among the ingredients in hair growth serums and growth-enhancing shampoo products made by famous brands. It is also known to be a great moisturizer and commonly used in the manufacturing of skincare products for its hydrating qualities.

Castor Oil for Hair Growth & Great For EyeBrows & Eyelashes

Herbiar's 100% pure castor oil is extracted to preserve its natural growth and moisturizing characteristics. When you apply it on your scalp and the skin under your eyebrows, the moisturizing effect begins and your hair roots do not dry easily. When you apply it on your hair’s ends and midsection, the moisturizing effect boosts their immunity against breakage.

When this moisturizing quality works with the growth effect, you get healthy skin under your hair and eyebrows along with shiny, lush hair, eyelashes and eyebrows.

How To Apply

How To Use

Use the dropper in our organic castor oil package to drip a few drops around your scalp easily and massage it with the tips of your fingers for a few minutes until the oil has spread evenly and absorbed into the skin.

Let it work on your roots and hair for a couple of hours before washing it off with shampoo.

For your eyebrows and eyelashes, use our specially designed applicators in the pack. A couple of drops for each eye’s brow and lashes will suffice.

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Organic Castor Oil USDA Certified, 100% Pure, Castor Oil Organic

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