Applying organic castor oil for eyelashes onto your eyelashes every night can help improve the growth of your eyelashes and makes them long and thick naturally. Take an old mascara brush or the mascara wand that comes in the packaging to properly apply the oil onto the eyelashes. The bristles of the mascara wand aid in reaching even the smallest eyelashes. The bristles are designed in such a way that they completely coat every eyelash with a rich coat of castor oil. That way, every eyelash gets the advantages that the castor oil has to provide. Castor oil repairs the growth cycles of the eyelashes and makes the natural growth fast and healthy. The oil also hydrates and softens eyelashes, which prevent excessive breakage of eyelashes, making them thick.

Infusing your castor oil with lemon essences can help accelerate the benefits of castor oil on your eyelashes. Lemon juice is known for improving the growth of eyelashes naturally. The vitamin E present in the lemon oil helps to nourish eyelashes and makes them strong enough to grow quickly. All you have to do is dip a lemon peel in the castor oil for a few days to get all the essence out and into the oil. Directly adding lemon juice can be harsh for some.

It is advised to apply petroleum jelly on your eyelashes as an overnight eyelash treatment. The petroleum jelly nourishes eyelashes and gives them intense moisture. The nourishment helps to improve the eyelash growth while the moisturization prevents the eyelashes from breaking and falling. Take a clean mascara wand, dip it into the jelly and apply generously on the eyelashes. Let it stay overnight and wash off the next morning with lukewarm water.

Chilled green tea not only helps eyelashes to improve their health and appearance but also reduce dark circles. The green tea transfers antioxidants, which help to repair damage in the eyelashes and accelerates the growth of eyelashes. Take a cold green tea bag and place it over your eyelashes. Let it stay for some time and remove. You will feel the cooling and calming sensation immediately.

Massaging the castor oil for eyelashes on your eyelids can give amazing benefits in stimulating the natural growth of eyelashes. The massaging movements improve the blood circulation towards the eyelashes. The improved blood circulation transfers high amounts of nutrients and expels all the impurities that are clogging the hair follicles.

Eating healthy can easily improve the overall health of your eyelashes. It will make it grow longer, thicker, and will reduce eyelash falling.

Eyelash curlers are a big cause of eyelash breakage. They apply excess pressure on the eyelashes, and the fragile eyelashes tend to break. Avoid using an eyelash curler, especially after mascara application as it enhances the sticking of eyelashes to it and breaking. Apply mascara using the mascara wand.

  1. Lubricating your eyelashes with castor oil
  2. Using lemon peel
  3. Apply petroleum jelly
  4. Chilled green tea
  5. Eyelid massages
  6. Proper diet
  7. Avoid using eyelash curlers
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