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Colored Mascara

If you are tired of the traditional black mascara look, colored mascara is your perfect solution. They create amazing colorful looks that can match every occasion.

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Colored Mascara

If you are tired of the traditional black mascara look, colored mascara is your perfect solution. They create amazing colorful looks that can match every occasion.

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What is a Colored Mascara?

Colored mascara is the same as regular mascara except that instead of adding black color dye in the mascara, different color dyes are added such as blue, green or orange.

Why Use a Colored Mascara?

Colored mascara is used to create a makeup look slightly different than the regular makeup looks. They give the eyelashes a prominent color and makes the makeup look standout.
Colored mascara is also used to accentuate the natural eye color. Some colors can enhance natural eye colors more than the regular black, and brown colors, so colored mascara is used to make the natural eye color pop.

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The Advantages of Using Colored Mascara

  • Creates innovative and fun looks
  • Can enhance the natural eye color
  • Matches with the outfit and makeup look you desire

Colored Mascara that Best Suit Your Natural Eye Color

Natural eye colors can be easily enhanced if the correct colored mascara is applied to them. Listed below are the colors that would work best for your natural eye color.

  • Purple colored mascara: purple colored mascara looks best on eye colors such as blue, green or hazel colored. They enhance the eye color and make an amazing contrast with it.
  • Green colored mascara: green colored mascara suits best on people with hazel or brown colored eyes. The green colored mascara enhances the natural green color in the iris of the eye.
  • Blue colored mascara: blue colored mascara works best for people with brown eyes. The blue color gives the eyes a dark look similar to the application of black mascara.

The Best Colored Mascara According to Your Skin and Hair

The color of your natural mascara along with the color of your hair and skin can help create flawless looking skin. So, choosing a colored mascara according to your skin and hair color is also important.

People who have a fair skin tone and have natural red or blonde hair tend to have pale eyelashes that are not so prominent. Adding brown colored mascara to the eyelashes makes eyelashes long and prominent. The brown color natural enhances the natural eyelashes.

The Composition of Colored Mascara

The composition of organic mascara is same as the regular mascara, and the only difference is that it contains natural color pigments depending upon which colored mascara needs to be formulated.

  • For formulating purple colored mascara, Acai extracts are used.
  • For orange and red colored mascara, Annatto colorant is used.
  • Avocado extract is used to formulate colored mascara of yellow and green color.

People with dark hair colors such as brown and black should use black colored mascara. It does not matter what your skin tone is, black colored mascara darkens the eyelashes and makes them stand out from the rest of the facial features.

More About The Colored Mascara

Increase Eyelash Length


The colors of the colored mascara are formulated using only natural color pigments. The natural colored pigments are extracted using only natural sources such as nuts and herbs.
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Colored mascara helps create new and innovative makeup looks that match outfits and occasions. The colored eyelashes look different from the regular black and brown mascara look.
Water Resistant


Colored mascara is considered safe for the eyes and eyelashes. The components of the eyelashes are natural and hypoallergic and do not trigger any allergic reactions when applied.
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The colored mascara creates a long lasting and smudge free look. The mascara does not flake or spread easily and stays in place for a long time. The colored mascara is also water-proof.

How To Apply Colored Mascara Properly

Colored mascara needs to be applied properly in order to pull off the makeup look properly.

  • Apply a sufficient coat of mascara primer. The primer helps to keep the colored pigment in place for a long duration of time and prevents flaking of colored mascara.
  • Cover both your top and bottom eyelashes. Colored mascara should always be applied on both the top and bottom eyelashes to create a complete look.
  • Start applying the colored mascara. First, apply a single coat on the entire eyelash. Do it on both, the upper and the lower eyelashes.
  • Reapply only on the tips of the eyelashes to add more color and darken the colored mascara.
  • Do not reapply the colored mascara on the entire eyelashes. Only focus on the tips and add color there.

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