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Natural Mascara

A mascara formulated with only the top quality natural ingredients to give you a natural looking, flawless makeup look while nourishing the eyes.

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Natural Mascara

A mascara formulated with only the top quality natural ingredients to give you a natural looking, flawless makeup look while nourishing the eyes.

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What is a Natural Mascara?

Natural mascara is classified in two ways. A mascara formulated using only high-quality natural ingredients and a mascara that gives a natural looking mascara look, both are known as natural mascara.

Both of the natural mascaras are popular in use. They both have their perks that would be discussed here.

Safe For Sensitive Eye and Eyelashes

Formulating A Natural Mascara

Natural mascara is formulated using only the highest quality ingredient’s all derived from natural sources with no added synthetic chemicals.

The processes involved in the formulation of natural mascara are designed after extensive research to ensure that the natural ingredients used in the natural mascara are safe.

Excessive heat application in the blending of ingredients results in the loss of activity of ingredients due to the destruction of the chemical structure of the compounds.

That is why mascara is formulated in low-temperature environments and with natural ingredients.

Ingredients of a Natural Mascara

It is made sure that natural ingredients are added in the formulation of the mascara.

1. The Essential Oils:

Mascara products have oils incorporated into them which give the shine and radiance to the eyelashes when the mascara is applied.

Best natural mascara has natural essential oils in it that are extracted using a cold-pressed technique with no role of synthetic chemicals in their extraction process. Oils fulfilling the above two criteria keep eyelashes moisturized and nourished when applied.

The most commonly used oils include castor oil. Lanolin oil and other nourishing essential oils.

2. The Natural Waxes:

Waxes form the base of mascara, so they hold an integral role in the formation of mascara. Waxes keep all the ingredients of the mascara together and keep the consistency of the mascara maintained.

Natural waxes are composed using only natural waxes. Synthetic waxes often trigger allergic reactions to people with sensitive eyes. The most commonly used natural waxes include carnauba wax, petrolatum, paraffin, and candelilla wax.

These waxes not only give the mascara a long-lasting look but also create a protective layer on top of eyelashes to keep them safe from the harmful environmental factors such as pollution, strong winds, and harmful sun rays.

3. Natural Color Dyes:

Dyes are vital for mascara, and they make eyelashes dark and bright. Synthetic dyes are extremely harmful to the delicate region of eyelashes. They irritate eyes and make them watery. Along with this, they can lead to serious eye complication such as eye style.

Natural dyes give eyelashes the dark color but do not cause allergic reactions or other complications due to the natural origin and absences of harmful chemicals.

Carbon black is the most commonly used natural dye in natural mascara to make eyelashes dark and prominent.

4. Preservatives:

Preservatives are important in natural mascara as the water-base of the mascara can facilitate the growth of bacteria and other infection-causing agents in the mascara.

Preservatives keep the natural mascara hygienic for use over a long period of time. Avoid products with parabens as preservatives. Parabens are synthetic preservatives that cause harmful effects to humans when used or applied.

So best organic mascara contains natural preservatives that are safe for the eyelashes. These include benzyl alcohol, glycerin, and salicylic acid.

Role of Polymers in Natural Mascara

Polymers are the components that coat eyelashes and keep them curled and in place. Long Lasting And Smudge Proof Mascara

Usually, mascara contains synthetic polymers that keep eyelashes curled, but synthetic polymers are difficult to wash off as they have a strong adhesive power. That damages eyelashes when the mascara is being washed off.

Natural polymers are a little gentle towards the eyelashes. They do not stick as strongly as the synthetic polymers and get washed off easily.

They also do not dry out the eyelashes or dehydrate them but keep them moisturized and nourished.

More About a Natural Mascara

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Natural mascara is formulated using only natural ingredients to give your eyelashes the nourishment and protection it needs.
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The natural ingredients of the natural mascara make it safe for application on sensitive eyes and eyelashes.
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Natural mascara can create a very natural mascara look for your eyelashes with nothing too dramatic. A single coat and you are good to go.
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The water-base and high nutrient quantity of the mascara helps to keep eyelashes nourished and moisturized. Natural mascara keeps eyelashes hydrated.

Natural Looking Mascara Look

Natural mascara can help you create a very natural looking mascara look easily. A natural look is what many desire for their everyday makeup look.

All you have to do is apply a single coat of the smudge proof mascara on your eyelashes from the roots to the tips, and that would be enough.

For a more dramatic look. Apply multiple coats of the mascara.

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