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Face Serum For Acne and Dry Skin

A new and innovative form of skin care product that helps to make skin clearer removes acne and acne scars, strengthens skin and improves the skin complexion.

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Face Serum For Acne and Dry Skin

A new and innovative form of skin care product that helps to make skin clearer removes acne and acne scars, strengthens skin and improves the skin complexion.

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A Serum is a new form of Skin Care

EA serum is a new form of skin care product that has a diluted lotion or gel like consistency.

The distinguishing feature of skin serums is that it holds a high quantity of active ingredients and but the fluid consistency of the serum makes it extremely lightweight during application.

The high concentration of the active ingredients provides efficient and quick results while the fluid and light consistency of the product makes it easy to apply.

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When should you add a natural and organic face serum to your daily skin care?

Serum is an amazing addition to your effective skin care routine. Serums are applied when you need to treat your skin a little extra. Apply the serum under your moisturizer to get positive results.

The ingredients you should look for in a Face Serum

You should always consider choosing specific ingredients that fulfill the specific needs of your skin. To make it easy for you, we have summarized a few common skin issues and the ingredients that can help treat them.


  • Face serum for acne Clear skin and reduce blemishes
  • Face Repair Serum
  • Repair damaged skin and reduce wrinkle formation
  • Face serum for sensitive skin
  • To reduce sensitivity of skin
  • Hydrating serum for combination skin
  • For hydration of skin
  • Active brightening face serum
  • To make skin evenly toned
  • Face serum for dry skin
  • Exfoliate dry skin cell layers
  • Vitamin serum for face
  • To reduces discoloration of skin


  • Tea tree, Zinc, Manuka oil, Salicylic acid and Beta glucans.
  • Retinol.
  • Green tea, White tea, Aloe Vera, Licorice
  • root and Water lily.
  • Locks moisture into the cells and reduces fine lines and dryness of skin.
  • Peptides.
  • Glycolic acid, Malic acid, Tartaric acid and Lactic acid.
  • Vitamin C.


  • The high concentration of the ingredients controls bacteria production and decreases the chances of pimples and blemishes.
  • Retinol works to repair skin damage and strengthens the skin to reduce various signs of aging.
  • Soothes skin and reduces redness and irritation. It reduces inflammations.
  • Locks moisture into the cells and reduces fine lines and dryness of skin.
  • Work to make skin tone better and help brighten the skin tone.
  • Digests the upper dead skin cell layer and brings out the healthy skin cells from underneath.
  • It works to suppress the excessive activity of melanin. This improves skin color and evens out skin tone.

The Difference Between a Face Serum and a Face Moisturizer


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  • Serums are light weighted skin care products. Have a fluid like consistency.
  • Nourishes skin but does not create a layer of product.
  • Serums do not contain any occlusive agents.


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  • Moisturizers are heavy in weight and have a thicker consistency.
  • Works on skin & creates barrier to keep all inside & nourish skin
  • Moisturizers have a high quantity of occlusive & moisturizing agents

Face serum benefits

Adding an organic and natural face serum in your skin care routine can give immense benefits to your skin. Some of the essential benefits include:

  • Serum Stimulates the natural, healthy cells growth naturally.
  • Brightens the facial skin
  • Boosts the natural production of collagen and makes skin strong
  • Reduces the various signs of aging
  • Removes dead skin cell layers

More About Natural Anti-Aging Eye Cream

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Formulated by blending clinically proven ingredients that help to brighten, lighten and repair skin. The ingredients work together to repair damaged skin cells and help produce new healthy cells.
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Regular application of the serum improves the skin elasticity and reduces the appearance wrinkles, fine lines, making skin clear and radiant.
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Serum is highly potent yet extremely gentle on all types of skin. It issuitable for use on sensitive, mature and aging skin.
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Improves the natural collagen production of the body and makes skin healthy. Rejuvenates the skin cells and reverses the appearance of signs of aging. Revitalizes the beautiful skin complexion.

How does a face serum work and how to apply it?

Face serums are light in weight but have an intense action when applied to the skin due to their high active ingredient content. The fluid consistency of the serum makes it easier to absorb, and it penetrates deeply into the skin layers.

The serum gets absorbed into the innermost layer of the skin and starts repairing at a cellular level. Once the damaged cells are repaired, the natural production of cells is boosted.

Serum also improves the natural production of collagen, the new collagen proteins strengthen skin and remove various signs of aging such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Remember to always apply a serum under moisturizers or foundations. They serve as an excellent base for the main products. Apply a small quantity of the serum after washing your skin and wait for it to absorb into the skin.

The fluid gets absorbed into the skin quickly and once it feels dry, apply your regular moisturizer. Make serum a daily practice of your skin care routine to nourish your skin and keep it healthy.

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