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Lash Extension Mascara

A mascara safe for application on your eyelash extension to give them the extra dramatic look you want. Compatible for application on eyelash extensions and does not damage them.

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Lash Extension Mascara

A mascara safe for application on your eyelash extension to give them the extra dramatic look you want. Compatible for application on eyelash extensions and does not damage them.

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What is Lash Extension Mascara?

The recent trend of getting thicker and longer looking eyelashes as led to the procedure of lash extension which means adding extra eyelashes to the lash line and make eyelashes appear thicker and longer naturally.

The eyelash extension procedure saves the trouble of applying false eyelashes every day and gives off a very natural look as compared to the false eyelashes which do appear unnatural.

Lash extension mascara is applied on the real eyelashes and the extensions to give an overall natural eyelash look to the eyes. So, lash extension mascara is formulated to keep lash extensions safe while making them darker.

Lash extensions do require special care, and only mascara that is formulated for lash extensions should be used on them. Lash extension mascara is formulated keeping in mind what suits the eyelashes and what does not.

100% Safe for Eyelashes

Is Lash Extension Mascara Safe for Eyes and Natural Eyelashes?

Yes, lash extension mascara is formulated after extensive research and evaluation. Only the highest quality ingredients are chosen to be added in the lash extension mascara.

The ingredients are blended in carefully quantities to make it as safe as possible for the eyelash extensions and the eyelashes.

The eyelash extensions are very sensitive and can react to even the smallest incompatibility, so a hypoallergenic mascara is formulated with hypoallergic ingredients which make it safer for eyes and real eyelashes too.

Why Wear Lash Extension Mascara

  • If your lashes are of any color other than black and you have got similar colored eyelash extensions, the lash extension mascara can help you deepen the natural color of the eyelashes and the extension. It will make them appear dark.
  • Lash extension mascara will darken the lower lashes making them more prominent. That will create a balance between the upper lash extensions and lower natural lashes. They appear uniform.
  • Eyelash extensions are thicker at the roots and thinner at the edges similar to natural eyelashes. The lash extension mascara gives it that extra push and helps them become prominent.
  • As time passes, eyelash extensions become thinner and thinner and start to shed. Lash extension mascara helps to fill in those gaps. It makes lashes appear fuller and fresh even after eyelash extensions start to shed.

Water Based Mascara for Eyelash Extensions

Water based mascara is the most recommended mascara for eyelash extensions. The reason behind this is that it keeps eyelash extensions safe from the harmful effects of oils and waxes.

It is also very easy to remove from the eyelashes so there is no vigorous pull or rubbing required that can damage the eyelash extensions or pull them out.

Things You Must Remember When Using Lash Extension Mascara

    • With eyelash extensions be very gently with the mascara and try applying only on the tips of the eyelashes. If you try to apply close to the roots, the mascara can tug eyelash extensions out along with natural eyelashes.
Makes Eyelash Extension Dark and Bright
  • Avoid using waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara forms a firm layer on the eyelashes and is very difficult to remove. They dry out the lash extensions and damage them when trying to wash the mascara off.
  • Use water-based mascara and do not use oil based mascara. Oil bases tend to dissolve the lash extensions sometime and damage the lash extensions.
  • Fiber-based mascara is your enemies. The fibers in the mascara get tangled in the lash extensions and appear extremely clumped and accumulated on the eyelashes. The fibers are also tough to remove from the eyelashes and often pull them out.
  • Fiber mascara also flakes and gets into the eyes, making it dangerous for the eyes.

More About the Lash Extension Mascara

Increase Eyelash Length


Lash extension mascara deepens the natural color of the eyelashes and makes them appear dark. The lashes become prominent and bright.
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The lash extension mascara is formulated using only the high quality ingredients, mixed together in careful quantities to ensure safety.
Water Resistant


Lash extensions are done only on the upper lashes which is why lash extension mascara is used on the lower lashes. It creates a balance between them.
USDA Lash Extension Mascara


Lash extension mascara is water based to make it gentle for eyelashes. It is easy to apply and easy to remove and requires no tugging on the eyelashes.

The Important of Brush in Lash Extension Mascara

The brush of the lash extension mascara holds a very important place in the whole mascara application process. Make sure that the brush bristles are widely spaced and do not grip the lashes tightly.

That can make eyelash extensions weak and can even pull them out. To ensure the safety of eyelash extensions make sure that the brush bristles are gently and spaced enough to apply the natural mascara gently.

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