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Non Clumping Mascara

A mascara that does not form clumps of product and eyelashes and keeps your eyelashes perfectly combed and curled.

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Non Clumping Mascara

A mascara that does not form clumps of product and eyelashes and keeps your eyelashes perfectly combed and curled.

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What is Clumping of Mascara?

Usually, when you apply mascara, you might notice large particles of the mascara on your eyelashes as compared to the usual even layer of mascara on your eyelashes.

The clumps can either be eyelashes joining together and appearing like a dark line or the mascara product clumping together. In both the cases, the result of the mascara application is not pleasant.

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What is Non Clumping Mascara?

Best non clumping mascara was formulated to solve the above problem. The no clump mascara is formulated using ingredients and is formulated in such a way that the mascara product does not form unwanted clumps.

It also has a consistency which goes easily on the eyelashes and forms an even layer on them. The non clumping mascara also keeps eyelashes separated from one another so that they do not stick together.

The Formulation of a Non Clumping Mascara

Non clumping mascara is formulated using all the ingredients that are part of regular mascara, and the only difference comes in the quantities of the ingredients being used.

In all non clumping mascara, the quantity of waxes is kept less to prevent them from sticking to each other. If the mascara is an oil based mascara, the quantity of the essential oils used will be more, and the quantity of natural waxes used is less.

The oily base keeps the eyelashes separate and prevents them from sticking together after the application. The oils in the mascara also keep the clumps from forming in the tube of the mascara.

The extra quantity of essential oils keeps eyelashes segregated and nourished.
If the mascara is water based mascara, the quantity of the aqueous components is kept more, and the quantity of waxes is kept less. The more quantity of the aqueous components keeps eyelashes hydrated separate the entire time.

The less dense consistency of the oil free mascara makes it easy to apply and prevents it from clumping.

The other ingredients of the non clumping mascara are similar to the regular mascara. It contains the same natural polymers and natural color dyes.

How To Make Mascara Less Clumpy

Sometimes mascara can get clumpy in the tube. That can happen due to a loose cover which drives out the moisture from the mascara. You can easily fix that following the steps mentioned below:

1. By adding a few drops of eye drops

  • Take any generic eye tears or eye drops that are not used to treat any specific condition
  • Add about 10 drops of the product in the tube of the mascara
  • Place the wand and close the tube
  • Shake the tube around and use the wand to swirl the mascara inside
  • The eye drops will reduce the dense consistency of the mascara and dissolve all clumps

2. Using Hot Water

  • Take the wand of the mascara and dip it in hot water for some time
  • After some time take the wand and place it back in the tube
  • The hot mascara wand will remove any clumps present in the tube and prevent future clumps from forming
  • Avoid pumping the mascara wand excessively. It traps air inside the tube and results in drying of the product and formation of clumps.

Ways to Prevent Eyelashes From Clumping After Mascara Application

When a new mascara wand is used, or you use the same mascara wand for a long time, the excessive quantity of the product gets accumulated into the bristles of the brush.

The accumulated mascara product transfer clumps to mascara on the eyelashes and results in clumping of eyelashes together.

So what you should do is wipe the excess mascara from the wand to prevent clump formation. Always lightly brush your mascara wand with a makeup wipe or a tissue to get rid of excess mascara and clumps from the bristle.

More About Non Clumping Mascara

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Non clumping mascara is formulated using a less quantity of waxes and a higher quantity of essential oils and aqueous ingredients. They prevent clumps.
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Non clumping mascara has a less dense consistency which creates an even mascara layer on the eyelashes.
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Clumps formed by mascara often result in smudging of mascara. Non clumping mascara does not smudge and is long lasting
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Non clumping mascara keeps eyelashes nourished and hydrated. The natural ingredients of the mascara supply essential nutrients to the eyelashes.

How to Use the Best Mascara for Natural Looking Lashes

  • Make sure that your eyelashes are clean and dry before the application of the eyelash growth mascara.
  • Apply a layer of mascara primer to make the mascara adhere to the eyelashes better.
  • Apply a single coat slowly from the roots to the tips.
  • If you want to enhance the length, then apply another coat only on the tips of the eyelashes, not the entire eyelash.
  • Wait for it to dry.

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