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Organic Mascara

A mascara that is not only gentle on your eyelashes and eyes but is also safe for the environment. With no chemicals added, organic mascara is your best choice for mascara.

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Organic Mascara

A mascara that is not only gentle on your eyelashes and eyes but is also safe for the environment. With no chemicals added, organic mascara is your best choice for mascara.

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What Do We Mean by Organic Mascara?

Organic mascara is a blend of all natural ingredients. Everything in the best mascara is derived from a natural source with no involvement of harmful chemicals.

Organic mascara is composed of high-quality essential oils, natural raw materials such as polymers and organic waxes obtained from plants. The mascara is formulated using only organic ingredients which are combined in their natural states with no chemical aid.

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The Advantages of Using Organic Mascara

There are many benefits to using best organic mascara which make it your best choice in mascaras.

1. It Saves The Environment:

The synthetic mascara is loaded with chemicals that are extremely bad for the environment if added into it. Constant exposure of these chemicals to the environmental damages it.

Even the preparation process of these chemicals for the mascara results in a lot of dust and fumes going into the air making it polluted and unfavorable to breathe. Organic mascara does not have any such chemicals in their formulation neither any chemicals used in the preparation process of the product.

2. All Natural Ingredients

Organic mascara has all its ingredients derived from 100% natural ingredients. The essential oils make the base of the organic mascara along with few more ingredients and work as the best natural perfume.

3. Rich in Essential Nutrients

Whenever you apply mascara on your eyelashes, the eyelashes absorb it, and it reaches to the roots of the eyelashes. Organic mascara is formulated with ingredients that are full of essential nutrients.

These nutrients are essential for the maintenance of the health and beauty of the eyes and eyelashes. The nutrients repair all the damage that has been done to the eyelashes and make them strong.

The nutrients also fix the natural growth cycle of the eyelashes and make them thick and long.

4. Hypoallergic and Gentle on Eyelashes

The organic ingredients of the best hypoallergenic mascara keep eyelashes nourished and hydrated. All natural ingredients are hypoallergic and have a very less chance of causing an allergy when applied to the eyelashes.


  • Holds a large amount of nourishing ingredients such as vitamins and minerals.
  • With only natural ingredients in the formulation, the mascara is considered safe for application by all.
  • Organic mascara is budget friendly. The natural and organic ingredients do not add to the cost of the product.
  • Organic mascara are no tested no animals and are cruelty free
  • Have no side effects associated with its use.


  • Composed of chemicals which are all obtained from synthetic sources.
  • The synthetic ingredients can trigger an allergic reaction in the eyes when applied on the eyelashes.
  • Synthetic mascara are expensive. The processes involved in the formulation of the ingredients as well as the product increase the cost of the mascara.
  • Synthetic mascara are usually tested on animals to check for adverse effects of chemicals.
  • Show side effects resulting in allergic reactions, irritation and redness.

The Growing Trend of Organic Mascara

With people shifting towards organic and natural things rather than synthetic, the trend of using organic makeup especially organic mascara has grown a lot over a short course of time.

Everyone prefers using organic mascara over the regular synthetic type owing to all the benefits that an organic mascara brings with its use.

It is safe for use and economical. Makeup artists recommend the use of organic mascara as compared to synthetic ones to keep eyes, eyelashes, and environment safe and beautiful.

That makes it safe and pure for application on eyelashes as it will keep eyes safe and will not trigger an allergic reaction.

More About Oil Free Mascara

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Organic mascara is formulated using only natural and organic ingredients. All ingredients used in the mascara are obtained from natural sources.
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The natural nature of the ingredients make it 100% safe for application. The ingredients do not cause any allergic reaction.
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Organic mascara is the mascara of choice for people having sensitive eyes. The mascara keeps the eyes protected from any harmful affect.
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Organic mascara supplies sufficient essential nutrients to the eyelashes and gives them strength. It keeps eyelashes hydrated and flexible.

The Use of Formaldehyde in Mascara

Formaldehyde is used in synthetic mascara as a preservative and is a carcinogen. It can impart serious adverse to the body when used frequently.

Natural mascara uses only natural preservatives for their mascara, thus, ensuring safety from any such harmful ingredient.

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