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Make your party or festival look memorable with our hair tinsels. This trend was very popular in the 90s, but it has come back in vogue in recent years with celebrities like Kacey Musgraves and TikTok influencers embracing the look. A few well-placed strands of tinsel can be just the thing to help enhance your style, your bangs, or even add an enviable dose of shine to your overall look. Hair tinsel extensions are a non-comital way to revamp your hair without drastically changing the color by getting a dye job. As a plus, hair tinsels are very easy to tie in and they are super low-maintenance.

If tinsel hair extensions are a look you are considering, you don’t have to take a trip to the salon. Most hair tinsel packages come complete with a kit that you can use to get these gorgeous extensions from the comfort of your home. However, the tinsels will appear neater if a friend helps you tie them in, so turn this into a bonding and catch-up session by asking one of your friends to help you out.

Tinsel extension packages usually include:

  • Hair tinsels in various colors
  • Microbeads
  • A pair of pliers
  • Crotchet tool

The beauty of hair tinsels is that there is no shortage of colors to choose from. You can get everything from gorgeous blue strands to bright red extensions for your hair. And the vibe? Choose a tinsel color that goes well with the theme of the event or festival. If you want hair tinsels for everyday wear, go with a color that blends well with your current hair color. The following are some of the steps you need to take to properly tie in hair tinsels:

  1. Ensure your hair is clean and dry
  2. Choose the colors you want
  3. Create a part in your hair
  4. Create a loop using the tinsel strand
  5. Pull a few strands of hair through the loop
  6. Tie the tinsel strands into a simple knot


  1. Ensure your hair is clean and dry

For best results, it is better to start with clean hair. Oily hair has less grip, which means the tinsel strands may slip out easily. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner and let it air dry or use a blow dryer. You can use hair tinsel on your straight hair, but it also looks beautiful in curly hair.

  1. Choose the colors you want

Before starting the process of tying in tinsel hair strands, choose the colors you want. Most packages come with a variety of colors to choose from. The colors you choose depend on your hair color or the theme of the event or party you are attending. Green and red are ideal for Christmas parties, while red, white, and blue are suitable for 4th of July parades.

  1. Create a part in your hair

Take a rat-tail comb and use it to create a part in your hair to style it. You can create a part down the center for a formal look or at the side for something more informal. You can even try an edgier style by creating a zig-zag part at the center. Slice a small section of hair just under the part where you’ll tie the knot, and hold this section out of the way with a hair clip. You’ll tie the tinsel strands just under the part so that the knots are not visible, ensuring a neater look.

  1. Create a loop using the tinsel strand

Take one tinsel strand and fold it in half. Tinsel strands can be up to 47 inches long, so it will still be long enough after you fold it. To create a slip knot, pinch the folded end of the tinsel with one hand, and use the index and thumb fingers of the other hand to pinch the strands of tinsel and pull them back through the loop.

  1. Pull a few strands of your hair through the loop

Take two or three strands of hair and pull them through the loop. Pull just a few strands, as pulling a lot of hair will make it less tight at your scalp and increases chances of the tinsel strand slipping out. You should also ensure you pull the hair strands completely through the loop to prevent knotting and tangling. Pull the tinsel strands so that they tighten near your scalp.

  1. Tie the tinsel strands into a simple knot

At this point, the hair tinsel strand is in your hair but it is not secure. It can still easily come off. To secure it, tie the tinsel strands in a simple shoelace knot. This secures the tinsel strands  near the base of your scalp and ensure the hair tinsel stay in your hair for up to three weeks.

To ensure the tinsel stays in your hair even longer, spray some dry shampoo near the knot to increase grip and reduce the chances of the hair tinsels slipping out. You can also apply a very tiny amount of eyelash glue at the knot to secure it to your hair for a longer period of time.


Tinsel hair extensions that are attached using the slip knot method are very easy to remove. Simply feel your scalp to find the knot and gently slide this knot down your hair to remove the tinsel strand. Hair tinsel is also very easy to maintain, and you can continue to use your normal shampoo and conditioner when cleaning your hair. However, you should brush your hair very gently and check the packaging for heat resistance rating before using hot tools to style your hair.



Hair tinsels are a low maintenance and sparkly trend that can help you add glitz and glam to your look. The best part is that they are very easy to tie in, maintain, and take out. Get this tinsel strands in your hair to give your natural tresses a sparkly and colorful edge.