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Switch out your look without committing to an entire dye job with tinsel hair extensions. Hair tinsel allows you to experiment with a bit of color and sparkle and gives you a lot of creative freedom. Tinsel strands are available in all colors of the rainbow, making it a very convenient hair style. You can choose tinsel strands that are close to your hair color for some subtle shine, or you can go with something more vibrant and colorful to help brighten your mood. In addition to enhancing the looks and beauty of your hair, colorful tinsel extensions are a form of self-expression. Whether you want to remix your style with something vibrant for a few weeks or you just want bright and sparkly strands that will make you feel like a teenager again, tinsel hair extensions are the low-maintenance style you are looking for. The best part is that hair tinsel is very easy to tie in your hair and can serve you for anywhere between 3 and 6 weeks, depending on the installation method.

The first step in your hair tinsel installation journey is getting the right colors. The impact of the tinsel color will depend on the color of your hair. Black tinsel will provide a subtle shine for black hair but give a bolder and more dramatic look on red hair. Fortunately, most packs come in a variety of colors, making it easy for you to choose.  The following are 12 glamorous colors of tinsel hair extensions you can try out:

  1. Red hair tinsel
  2. Rainbow-colored tinsels
  3. Silver tinsels
  4. Gold tinsel hair
  5. Blue hair tinsel
  6. Green tinsel strands
  7. Pink hair tinsel extensions
  8. Brown tinsel hair
  9. Black hair tinsel
  10. Purple tinsel hair
  11. Yellow hair tinsel extensions
  12. Bright orange hair tinsel strands


  1. Red hair tinsel

Get a bold and beautiful look with red hair tinsel. This tinsel color blends very beautifully with red or copper-colored hair. However, if you have dark hair, the red tinsel contrasts with it beautifully and creates a bold and dramatic look. Red tinsel hair is also great for themed days or certain holidays. Rock a few red tinsel strands on your hair to celebrate Valentine’s Day, or tie a few strands when going out for a Christmas party.

  1. Rainbow-colored tinsels

If you love all the colors of the rainbow, then why not get them all in your hair. This multi-colored tinsel hair strands are vibrant and can add a bit of drama to your look. Rainbow-colored tinsel strands are great for summer parades and music festivals.

  1. Silver tinsels

The original hair tinsels were silver in color, so this is a hue that has stood the test of time. Shine bright like a diamond by adding glittering silver tinsel hair extensions to your hair. This color is very versatile and goes well with all hair colors, but it looks better on blonde and grey hair.

  1. Gold tinsel hair

Lend glitter and sparkle to your hair with gold tinsel hair extensions. If your hair is your crown, then gold tinsel can lend a lot of shine to it. Gold is a color associated with elegance and luxury, and its brightness makes it a great summer color. Gold blends very well with blonde hair, but it will still look great on darker hair.

  1. Blue hair tinsel

Chase the blues away with blue tinsel hair extensions. Blue is a very bold color that looks beautiful against black hair. The beauty of blue is that it is a versatile color and you can choose any tone from sky blue to navy blue. This color is very calming and peaceful, and it is a great tinsel hair color for the summer months. It is also a great option to wear if you have blue eyes.

  1. Green tinsel strands

Make everyone green with envy with these green tinsel strands. Green represents life, vitality, and youth, and is a great color to rock at the beginning of spring. Green tinsel is also a great color for Halloween themed parties as it is a color that has historically been used to represent witches and monsters.

  1. Pink hair tinsel extensions

Look pretty in pink with these hair tinsel extensions. Pink is as girly and as feminine as it gets, and can help you stand out. It is a favorite of younger girls, but can look great in people of all ages. You can make a statement during a Valentine’s Day party with these pink tinsel extensions, or wear them with a feminine costume on Halloween. Pink is very bright and colorful, which makes it a bold and daring look.

  1. Brown tinsel hair

Brown is also a neutral color that blends well with any hair color. Give your brunette locks a subtle shimmer with chocolate brown hair tinsel, or get a faux-highlights look with streaks of brown tinsel in your blond hair. Brown also looks great with red or copper colored hair.

  1. Black hair tinsel

Nothing says bold and dramatic like black. Ideal for hairs of all colors, this neutral hair tinsel will add a beautiful shimmer to dark hair while lending elegant contrast to your blond locks. Black is a very rich and deep color that can help you make a statement when you tie it to your red hair.

  1. Purple tinsel hair

Purple is a very bold and adventurous color, and lends an air of elegance and royalty to your look. If you already have colored hair, you can add purple tinsel to your blue-colored tresses for a beautiful blend of colors. Purple also goes really well with black or dark brown hair.

  1. Yellow hair tinsel extensions

Cover your hair in sunshine with yellow hair tinsel extensions. Yellow is a bright color that would contrast beautifully against dark hair while blending well with your blonde locks. Yellow is a very fun and cheerful color, and you can tie this hair tinsel during the summer months or going for a music festival or parade in the summer.

  1. Bright orange hair tinsel strands

Give your overall look a bright and fiery vibe with vibrant orange hair tinsel strands. Orange looks beautiful against black and brown strands and the contrast gives you a bold look. Orange also blends well with copper and red hair for a subtle shine. It’s also a great color to rock during the fall months or to wear to a Halloween costume party.



Tinsel hair extensions are a great way to enjoy different colors without permanently changing the color of your hair or damaging it. The best part is that when you are done rocking the new colors, you can simply remove the tinsel strands and go back to your natural look or try out a different color. Furthermore, the color transformation is not drastic, and it can be a great way to test the waters to see if you look great in a particular color. If you are thinking of adding tinsel hair extensions to your hair and have been wondering which glamorous colors to choose, we hope this list helped you out.