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If you like a little bling or sparkle, hair tinsel is a great way to beautify and add some glitter to your hair. Also known as glitter hair or fairy hair, hair tinsels are shimmering strands in different colors that can give your hair dimension and a hint of playfulness. Fairy hair is a subtle and temporary way to add fun and sparkle to your hair.

Hair tinsel is ideal for both adults and children. You can wear it as part of your Halloween costume or you can add it to your hair before events such as night outs or music festivals.


What is hair tinsel?

Hair tinsel are thin, iridescent, and sparkly strands that you can attach to the root of your hair strand by strand. It is great for parties, holidays, and festivities. These tinsels can last for several weeks and usually falls out when your hair does. Another benefit of tinsel hair is that it stands up to your regular hair routine. You can brush it, wash it, and even blow dry the hair under low heat.

You can attach tinsel hair to tresses that are at least two inches long, as it can be quite difficult to attach it to very short hair. You can also add these hair tinsel extensions to children of any age. However, you should note that fairy hair is unlikely to last long on children since they shed their hair at a faster rate than adults.

How to attach tinsel hair extensions to your hair with the microbeads method

There are various methods you can use to attach tinsel hair to your hair, from the slip-knot method to using a tinsel tool that resembles a seam ripper. However, if you want the tinsel hair to last a bit longer, you should use microbeads or a nano ring.


For the microbeads method, you’ll need:

  • Hair tinsel
  • A detangling brush
  • Scissors
  • Pliers
  • A hook
  • Microbeads

You can get the microbeads when buying the hair tinsels kit. Ensure your hair is clean and use the detangling brush to ensure the hair is not tangled or knotted before adding the tinsel hair extensions. The microbeads method usually lasts longer than the slip knot method, and you can keep the tinsel strands in your hair for up to two months. The following are the steps you should follow when attaching hair tinsels using the microbeads method:

  1. Clean and brush your hair

The first step is to ensure that your hair is clean and detangled. Take your detangling brush and use it to remove any tangles and knots from your hair. Ensuring your hair is clean and detangled will make the process of attaching tinsel hair an easy process. You should decide where to part your hair, whether it is straight down the center or a side part. Take an inch-wide section from each side of the part and clip the hair up. It is better to add the tinsel right under the part, as adding the tinsel strands to the hair right on the part will leave the knot visible and it will not look seamless. Attaching the tinsel strands under the part ensures it blends well with the rest of the hair.

  1. Clip the tinsel strands to your hair

After you have created the part in your hair, take the tinsel strand and use a flat clip to secure the tinsel hair to your hair. The flat clip will help you secure the tinsel right above the part.

  1. Use the hook to pull both the hair and the tinsel through the microbeads

The hair tinsel kit usually comes with a hook. Take a section of your hair just under where you had clipped the tinsel strands and use the hook to fish both the tinsel and hair through the microbeads.

  1. Use the pliers to clamp the microbead

After fishing the tinsel and the section of your hair through the microbead, pull the microbead up to the scalp. Use the pliers to clamp the microbead to secure the tinsel hair. Repeat this process throughout your hair until you have attached enough tinsel strands. Finish your look by taking the pair of scissors and trimming the tinsel hair extensions so that they are the same length as your hair.


How to put tinsel in hair with the nano ring method

If you wish to follow the nano ring method, start by cleaning and detangling your hair. The second step is to create a part at the top of the head and slice a section of hair just under this parting. Take about eight strands of hair tinsel and pull them into a loop. For this method, the more strands of tinsel per section, the sparklier and more glam your hair will look. However, if you want something more subtle, you can use fewer hair tinsel strands.

Clip the loop you just made to the section in your hair. Take the nanoring and thread it through a pulling needle. You should also add some of your hair. Pull your hair and the tinsel through this needle loop, then push the nanoring to the top of your hair before pulling the needle out. Take the pliers and use it to secure the ring and clamp the nanoring tight. Use scissors to trim the top of the hair tinsel strands above where you clamped it. Create a second section and repeat the process around your head until you’ve covered all your hair. After you are done, trim the tinsel at the bottom to ensure it is the same length as your hair.



Both microbeads and nanorings are quite secure, and you can expect the tinsel strands to last for several weeks. This means that you can wash, condition, and even brush your hair like you normally would and the tinsel strands will stay put. These two methods are simple enough that you can do them at home, but it is always better to ask a friend to help you part and install the hair tinsel extensions for a neater look.