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Hair tinsel are glittery and sparkly strands that can help you make a style statement during any event, holiday, or festival. Tinsel hair extensions were very popular in the 90s but fell out of fashion in the early 2000s. In recent years, this trend has made a resurgence with celebrities like Beyonce and Kasey Musgraves helping to popularize it. If you would like to try this trend out, but have a lot of questions about how to tie in hair tinsel, here are a few pointers that can help you out.

Frequently asked questions about how to tie in hair tinsel

  1. What is hair tinsel?

The word tinsel comes from the Old French word estincele, which means to sparkle. Hair tinsels are thin and sparkling strands that you can add to your hair to give it a glittering look. Tinsel hair is often made from polymer fiber or polyester, but the highest quality tinsel hair strands are made from silk. Tinsel hair is designed to be very lightweight and flexible, allowing it to move just the way your hair moves without you noticing it.

  1. Where can I buy hair tinsel?

If you want to add tinsel hair to your tresses, you can often buy them inexpensively online. Some hair stylists also stock hair tinsel and help tie it in as part of the services they provide. Before purchasing hair tinsel, check the features to ensure they meet your specifications. If you are going to be curling your hair, for example, get hair tinsel that is heat safe.

  1. How do I choose the right hair tinsel color?

Tinsel hair was originally available in silver color, but these days you can find them in almost any color of the rainbow. If you want a subtle look, you can get tinsel hair that’s just a shimmering version of your hair color. However, getting hair tinsel in the same color as your hair may not be noticeable. There are certain colors that blend very well with different hair colors, such as copper tinsel for red heads and gold tinsel for blondes. If you are feeling bolder and more adventurous, you can get colors that contrast your hair, such as silver tinsels for black hair.

  1. Can I tie in hair tinsel at home?

This depends on the tinsel application technique you are using. If you are using the simple slip-knot method, then you can definitely tie it in at home. You can do it yourself, but you are likely to get tired by the time you are done. For a neater look when tying hair tinsel at home, get help from a family member or friend. If you want to use the microbeads or nanoring method when tying hair tinsel, you might get better results in a salon as hair stylists have more experience with these techniques.

  1. Do I need any special tools to tie tinsel hair?

For the slip knot method, you do not need any special tools to tie in tinsel hair. All you need is a comb for creating a part and a pair of scissors to cut the tinsel so that it is the same length of your hair. However, for microbeads, you will need a pair of pliers to help tighten and secure the bead in place.

  1. Can I tie hair tinsel to curly hair?

Hair tinsel is usually straight and blends very well with straight hair. However, you can get tinsel hair that is heat safe and that you can curl to match the texture of your hair. Therefore, if you have curly hair, simply get heat-resistant tinsel and curl it. You can also get hair tinsel that is made from plastic that you can curl by stretching. Apply a lot of pressure if you want tight curls and less pressure if you want softer curls.

  1. How long will the tinsel stay in my hair?

If installed correctly and with the proper care, tinsel hair extensions can stay in your hair for several weeks. If you want them to stay in longer, you can tie them in using the microbeads or nanoring techniques. For the slip-knot method, the tinsel will generally stay in your hair for up to four weeks. If you want them to last for as long as possible, be gentle when brushing and do not comb your hair from the root to avoid pulling them out.

  1. How do I care for hair after tying in hair tinsel?

You can care for hair tinsel the same way you’d care for your normal hair. Wash and condition hair with your normal shampoo and conditioner or your usual dry shampoo. You can air dry your hair or use tools such as blow dryers for faster drying. You can also continue to oil and brush your hair normally, though you should be gentle with combs to ensure you don’t pull the tinsel strands out.

  1. Will the tinsel colors fade or bleach when I wash my hair?

Most tinsel strands are made from polyester, which does not fade. Therefore, you do not have to worry that the tinsel’s color fades or bleaches when you wash your hair using shampoo. You also don’t have to worry about the colors fading when the tinsel is exposed to sunlight.

  1. Can I use hot tools on hair tinsel?

When purchasing hair tinsel, you should check to see how heat safe it is. Most hair tinsel strands are made from polyester, which means that there is an amount of heat it cannot tolerate. However, there are some tinsel hair extensions that are made from high quality polyester or silk that can withstand a lot of heat. If you get hair tinsel that is heat resistant, you can blow dry and even use curlers and flat irons on your hair without damaging the tinsel strands.

  1. How do I remove tinsel hair extensions?

If you tied in the hair tinsel using the slip knot method, simply feel your scalp to look for the knot and gently slip the tinsel out of your hair. However, if you tied it in using the microbeads and nanoring method, you’ll need to use the pliers to loosen the beads and rings before gently removing it. You may have to do this in the salon to ensure you don’t accidentally pull some of your hair out.



Hair tinsel or “fairy hair” is a very cheap and effective way of adding color and sparkle to your hair. Unlike bleaching and dying, tinsel hair extensions will not damage your hair. The process of tying in hair tinsels is quite simple and straightforward. As a bonus, these hair tinsel extensions are easy to style and maintain, allowing you to add sparkle and a fun look to your hairdo.