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If you are looking for a no-fuss trend that doesn’t require a lot of time in the salon, doesn’t damage your hair, and is not permanent or semi-permanent, then hair tinsel is the way to go. Ideal for both events and everyday wear, tinsel hair takes low-maintenance and convenient styling up a notch. Hair tinsel extensions were very popular in the 1990s and Y2K era, which gives them a nostalgic feel. If your hair is your crown, hair tinsel gives it a little shimmer so that you can keep shining.

If you’ve already seen your favorite celebrities rock tinsel in their hair and are thinking of taking the plunge, you can start by choosing the best color for you. Tinsel hair extensions are available in every color of the rainbow, which means that you can always get a color that is flattering for you. Get a sparkly tinsel in the same color as your hair for a subtle vibe or switch things up by getting multi-colored rainbow tinsel for a look that stands out. If you are going for an event or festival with a specific color theme, you can get tinsel strands in that color to wear during the event and remove them soon after. Fortunately, tinsel hair is very easy to tie in and does not even need to schedule a visit to the salon. The following are some of the steps to take to take when tying hair tinsel:

  • Buy tinsel hair and get the necessary tools
  • Wash and dry the hair
  • Brush to remove any knots or tangles
  • Part your hair
  • Fold tinsel strand in half
  • Make a slip knot with the tinsel
  • Pull three strands of hair through the loop
  • Tie the tinsel strand into a knot
  • Repeat throughout your hair


  1. Buy tinsel hair and get the necessary tools

Start by buying tinsel hair extensions from a reputable seller. Choose the right colors and length for your hair. If you plan on curling or blow drying your hair with tinsel in it, get tinsel extensions that are heat resistant. You’ll also need a detangling brush, a comb for creating parts, and a hair clip to hold the hair while you tie the hair tinsel.

  1. Wash and dry hair

Now that you have all the tools in place, wash your hair with a shampoo to get rid of dirt and excess oil. Oil makes the hair slippery and can make the tinsel strands to slip out. After washing your hair, dry it completely before starting the process of tying in hair tinsel.

  1. Brush to remove any knots or tangles

After drying your hair, take a detangling brush or comb and run it through your entire hair to get rid of any knots or tangles. This will make the entire process of tying in tinsel hair a lot easier.

  1. Part your hair

Depending on where you want to tie the tinsel, take a comb and use it to create a neat part at the center or on the side. A center part is more formal, but a side part can be a bit more flattering. This part simply defines the starting point, but you will not tie the tinsel strands directly on the hair along the part. This is because the knots will be visible, which will not look neat. After creating the part, take the comb and slice a thin section just under the part. Hold it up with a hair clip to keep this section out of the way so that you can tie in the hair tinsel neatly.

  1. Fold tinsel strand in half

Take one strand of tinsel hair and fold it in half. This will create a loop. Fortunately, tinsel strands are usually long so that it can still be longer than your hair after you fold it in half.

  1. Make a slip knot with the tinsel

To make the slip knot, slide your index finger and thumb and use them to pinch the tinsel strand and pull it back. To ensure you’ve made the slip knot correctly, remove your finger and try to pull the loop away. Instead of tightening the knot, the loop should disappear.

  1. Pull three strands of hair through the loop

Take about two or three strands of hair and pull them through the tinsel strand loop. Pull the end of the tinsel strand so that it tightens near your scalp. Do not tie too many strands of hair as it will not hold tightly and will slip out. Also, ensure you pull your hair strands completely through the loop to ensure your hair does not get knotted or tangled.

  1. Tie the tinsel strand into a knot

To ensure the knot is secure, take one strand of the hair tinsel and the hair strands and tie a simple shoelace knot. Take the other strand of the hair tinsel and your hair strands and tie another simple shoelace knot. Ensure you secure the knot at the base of your scalp. Securing the knot this way will keep the tinsel strands in your hair for approximately 3 weeks.

  1. Repeat throughout your hair

Repeat this throughout your hair to get your desired look. Take a pair of scissors and use it to trim the tinsel strands so they match the length of your hair. Maintaining tinsel hair is very easy as you can easily wash and condition your hair normally. Certain tinsel hair extensions are heat resistant, which means you can even blow dry, flat iron, and use curlers on your hair. When combing or brushing your hair, do not start at the root where the knots are to ensure you don’t pull out the tinsel strands.



Hair tinsel extensions can bring the party and the color to any hair style or length. The advantage of this style is that you can do it yourself from the comfort of your home or with the help of a family member or friend. Tie the tinsel strands temporarily into your hair and change things up whenever you feel like it.