Mascara help eyelashes grow twice their normal length. Nourishing agents of mascara repair damaged growth cycles and improve eyelash growth.

What is Eyelash Growth Mascara?

Mascara made for the purpose of improving eyelash growth is known as eyelash growth mascara. Eyelash growth mascara has growth enhancers added into it which aid in the natural growth and health of eyelashes.

The Natural Growth Phase of Eyelashes

Before understanding how eyelash growth mascara works to grow eyelashes, we need to understand the natural growth cycle of eyelashes.
Eyelashes have three stages in their growth cycle.

  • Growth phase, also known as Anagen phase
  • Transition phase, also known as the Catagen phase
  • The final Resting phase, also known as Telogen phase

1. The Anagen or Growth Phase

This is the first stage of the growth cycle. In the growth phase, the eyelashes grow actively. This stage lasts between 30 to 45 days.
The upper eyelashes grow about 40% of their length, and the lower lashes grow about 15% of their length at every cycle.
Each eyelash grows to a certain set limit and will stop naturally.

2. The Catagen or Transition Phase

Once the growth phase is over, the growth reaches the transition phase. The eyelash hair follicles shrink and close at this stage.
If any eyelash falls out during the transition phase, it does not immediately grow back because the follicles are closed and the transition phase has to be completed for an eyelash to grow back.
The time period of the transition phase is between two to three weeks.

3. The Telogen or Resting Phase

The resting phase is the most extended phase in the growth of eyelashes. It stretches on more than 100 days, and at the end, eyelashes fall out, and new ones grow and take their place.
The eyelashes do not all fall out at the same time as each eyelash has its growth cycle and each cycle finishes at a different time. It is normal for three to four eyelashes to fall out each day and there is nothing to panic about that.
It takes about four to eight weeks for all the eyelashes to fall out can get replaced by new and healthy ones.

How Does the Eyelash Growth Mascara Work?

Best lengthening mascara is formulated after extensive research on the ingredients that should be added in the product and the technique that should be used to combine all the ingredients.

The carefully chosen natural ingredients are blended in specific quantities to formulate a product that enhances the growth, appearance, and health of eyelashes naturally.

The natural ingredients of the eyelash growth mascara work in harmony to condition, nourish and strengthen eyelashes. That will improve the natural growth cycle of the eyelashes and reduce the breakage or fall out of eyelashes.
The eyelash growth mascara supplies sufficient vitamins and minerals to the eyelashes which keep them protected against external harmful environmental factors.

The ingredients of the eyelashes also make eyelashes radiant and conditioned.

Safety of Eyelash Growth Mascara

Eyelash growth mascara is extremely safe for eyelashes and eyes. They are formulated using high-quality natural ingredients which are safe for eyelashes.
Eyelash growth mascara does not have any synthetic chemicals or boosters to grow eyelashes but has natural boosters that can help make eyelashes long and thick.
The hypoallergic natural ingredients keep eyelashes prevent the development of allergies, irritation or other hypersensitivities. It also keeps eyelashes safe from future damage.

Herbiar Mascara That Makes Eyelashes Grow

The natural mascara has natural growth boosters added in it which repair and improve the growth cycle of the eyelashes and make them long and thick quickly.

Regularly applying Herbiar Advanced Lash High Definition mascara shows significant improvement in the length and volume of eyelashes.

The image on the top shows eyelashes before the application of Herbiar growth mascara and the image on the bottom shows the appearance of eyelashes after Herbiar mascara has been applied regularly.

How Often Should Eyelash Growth Mascara be Applied?

Eyelash growth mascara can be used once to twice a day to achieve positive results. You can apply it in the morning and go on with your day.

After 12 weeks of regular application, you will see a visible difference in the appearance and growth of eyelashes.

More About Eyelash Growth Mascara


Eyelash growth mascara has natural growth boosters added in it which make eyelashes long and thick effectively.


The ingredients used in the formulation of eyelashes are safe and hypoallergic. They do not cause any irritation when applied to the eyelashes.


The growth mascara not only boosts the natural growth of eyelashes but also repairs the damage done to the natural growth cycle to enhance natural growth.


Eyelash growth mascara makes eyelashes thick and long with regular application. It increases the length of the eyelashes by twice its normal length.

3D Fiber Lash Mascara as Eyelash Growth Mascara

3D fiber lash mascara has added growth boosters and fibers which can make eyelashes long and thick with regular application. The 3D fiber lash extension mascara adds fibers to the eyelashes when applied and immediately makes them long and thick.

The growth enhancers of the mascara work on the eyelashes and make them long naturally.