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Eyebrow Mascara

Eyebrow mascara tames little eyebrow hair and makes your eyebrows well-defined. Well-defined eyebrows can transform your entire facial look.

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Eyebrow Mascara

Eyebrow mascara tames little eyebrow hair and makes your eyebrows well-defined. Well-defined eyebrows can transform your entire facial look.

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What is an Eyebrow Mascara?

Eyebrow mascara serves the roles of an eyebrow gel. The mascara is formulated in small tubes with a wand that comes in different shapes and sizes according to your needs. The wand resembles the wand of a regular mascara but is smaller in size.

Similar to an eyelash mascara, the eyebrow mascara defines the shape of your eyebrows. It fills in all the gaps and keeps the eyebrow hair tamed for a long time.

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The Advantages of Using an Eyebrow Mascara

1. Instantly and Naturally Makes Eyebrows Thick

Eyebrow mascara does not make eyebrows thick it gives them an appearance of being thick and big. The mascara makes the eyebrow hair stick together which gives the eyebrows a thicker looking appearance.

2. Easy to Apply, Thus Saves Time When Getting Ready

Simply applying a single coat of the eyebrow mascara can help you create a complete look. The eyebrow mascara can quickly complete your makeup look and keeps eyebrows under control for a long time.

3. Darkens and Brightens the Natural Color of the Eyebrows

Eyebrow mascara comes in colors that match the natural color of eyelashes. Applying eyebrow mascara can help add dimension to your already existing eyebrow hair and give them more color. It can brighten them and make them more prominent.

4. It Can Help Your Eyebrow Hair Grow Naturally

Eyebrow mascara is incorporated with ingredients that can help improve the natural growth cycle of the eyebrows. Regular application of the lash extension mascara can fill in the gaps of the eyebrow hair with natural hair.

5. Keeps Eyebrow Hair Tamed for a Long Time

The eyebrow mascara has gels and waxes incorporated into it that keep the eyebrow hair in place and tamed all through the day. The sweat and water will not ruin the shape of the eyebrows, and they will maintain their makeup look for as long as you want.

Eyebrow Mascara According to Your Natural Eyebrows

1. For Dark and Fuller Eyebrows

For people with dark colored and fuller eyebrows, an eyebrow mascara with a gel consistency is the best. It serves the role of hairspray for your eyebrows because all you need is to keep eyebrow hair in place.

It keeps eyebrow hair in place for the longest time and does not change the shape or the natural color of your eyelashes because they already have that defined.

2. For Light Colored and Fuller Brows

For people with light colored eyebrows, an eyebrow mascara that is near to their natural shade and a little bit darker is enough. All they have to do is darken the natural color of their eyebrows to make them prominent.

The tinted eyebrow mascara helps them define eyebrows more while keeping them set in one place.

3. For Thinner or Less Eyebrow Hair

For people who either naturally has less eyebrow hair or are suffering from thinning of eyebrow hair currently should choose eyebrow mascara that has brow fibers incorporated in it.

The brow fibers fill in the gaps of the eyebrows and make your eyebrows look fuller naturally.

When To Use Eyebrow Mascara?

Many people wonder if they even need to apply eyebrow mascara on their eyebrows or not. The answer to that is simple if you have any of the bottom three reasons you should apply an eyebrow mascara.

1. You Want to Thicken Your Thin Eyebrows

Eyebrow mascara can easily add volume to your eyebrows with a single coat. So, if you have a desire to make you thin eyebrows look thicker, apply eyebrow mascara.

2. Your Eyebrow Hair Grows in Different Directions and Needs to be Tamed

For such a case you need a gel eyebrow mascara to keep the eyebrow hair under control. The eyebrow mascara will keep the eyebrows shaped properly and tamed for a long time.

3. If You Want to Color Customize Your Eyebrow Hair

Many people want to color their eyebrows a different color than the natural color of their eyebrows. Colored mascara is best for such people to help create them the makeup look they desire.

More About The Eyebrow Mascara

Increase Eyelash Length


The eyebrow mascara is formulated using only natural components that nourish the eyebrow hair.
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The colored eyebrow mascara can help you formulate different makeup looks easily and quickly.
Water Resistant


The natural ingredients of the eyebrow mascara help improve the natural growth cycle of eyebrows.
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The eyebrow mascara gives definition to eyebrows and darkens their natural color making them bright.

How To Apply Eyebrow Mascara?

  • Always remove the excess product from the eyebrow mascara wand to prevent the formation of clumps. Press the wand into the skin a little when applying to stain the eyebrow hair properly.
  • Do not exceed the natural eyebrow shape when applying the mascara and try keeping it in it. It will not look natural if the oil free mascara is applied outside the natural shape.
  • Always follow the natural direction of hair when applying. That will prevent the formation of patches in the eyebrow hair.
  • Slightly brush your eyebrow hair backward to create more volume in the eyebrow hair and prevent the look of eyebrow hair sticking to the skin. That will also cover more area.

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